Episode 40 Show Notes: Kingsport Festival/2015 Gaming Resolutions and Predictions

Peg Catch Up

1:24- Robb tells us about the 40 spaces on Monopoly, along with some trivia about the game, including discussion of a McDonald’s fraud.


3:13- Jeremy reviews the action linking abstract strategy game, Troll Hunter.


6:30- The Pegs discuss one of Jeremy’s recent game days, where they played CO2, Caverna, Cosmic Encounter and tried to play Lords of Xidit.


11:28- Christina talks about Christmas gaming with her family including plays of Ticket to Ride, Diamonds, Enigma and a party games that did not appeal to everyone (anyone?) Joe Name It.


16:23- Robb and Christina talk about some incredible customer service by the designer of Voluspa, Scott Caputo.


18:14- All of the Pegs talk about the children’s drinking game (that’s right, right?), Looping Louie. (click here to read about Loopin Louie’s life as a German drinking game, thanks PegHead Gary Phan).


20:14- Robb and Christina talk about the new party game, Spyfall.


23:24- Patrick reviews the new (upcoming) NSKN Games Edition set collection game, Progress: Evolution of Technology.

Progress Player Board

26:29- Patrick previews the upcoming expansion for Among the Stars, Expanding Alliances.


26:56- Patrick previews the new Vlaada Chvátil party game, Pictomania.

28:41- Jeremy previews the Fantasy Flight expansion to Elder Signs, Gates of Arkham.


31:00- The Pegs endorse and encourage you to endorse The Dice Tower in their ongoing 2015 kickstarter. (BTW- If you want to come up with your own NPR name, do the following, “Take the first letter of your middle name and insert it anywhere you’d like in your first name. And then your last name is the smallest foreign town you’ve ever visited.” via Linda Holmes, via Lianablog, so my real NPR name apparently is Patryick Mazunta).

32:27- All of the Pegs commend the newest member of the BPPP Hall of Fame, our Santa Shamer, Jill Pearon.


 Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

34:30- Patrick provides a concise rules breakdown for Passport Game Studios Chutulu themed action selection game, Kingsport Festival.

37:24- All of the Pegs review Kingsport Fetival.

_DSC0016_DSC0013 _DSC0014 _DSC0015 _DSC0017 _DSC0018_DSC0020 _DSC0021 _DSC0022 _DSC0023 _DSC0024 _DSC0025

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-Roll

1:06:08- The Pegs revisit the family game, Steam Park. (Note: Steam Park is now (1/13/2015) on clearance for $25.00 through the link embedded to the left).


Blue Peg, Pink Peg Discussion

1:09:25- All of the Pegs revisit and remake their 2015 Resolutions and Predictions.


3 thoughts on “Episode 40 Show Notes: Kingsport Festival/2015 Gaming Resolutions and Predictions

  1. I really enjoyed those resolutions. Especially yours patrick. Father’s ate crucial in their kids lives and not enough men talk about their role as a father.

      1. Very cool. Sounds good. As a father of a young son with another child on the way and a gamer I am very conscious of needing to find a good balance in life and remembering that gaming add much as I enjoy it is my hobby.

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