Episode 38 Show Notes: Concordia and Robb Hot Seat

If you want to learn about (or purchase) the things we discuss, click on the text of the topics or games to be redirected to the relevant link.

Blue Peg Catch Up

1:10- Robb tells of the dark lore behind the casino game with 38 spaces, Roulette; as well as some tales or Roulette success (not indicative of most player’s experience).


4:19- Patrick gives a mini-review of a great action selection area-control game by NSKN Games, Praetor. (click here to read our written review of Praetor).

Pretor Example 1

7:08- Patrick talks about a game he checked out after it was pointed out to him by a PegHead that attended BGGCon 2014 and really enjoyed, Grublin Games, Waggle Dance.


9:23- Patrick and Robb discuss Castles of Mad King Ludwig.


10:17- Patrick has talked about it many time before and now Robb has gotten to check it (and its incredible scratch and dent inventory) out, One Eyed Jacques.

12:49- Patrick previews a game that features Wombat poop, Wombat Rescue.


14:20- Patrick speaks about a Stonemaire game that will be kickstarting in early 2015, Scythe.


16:38- Patrick give some early new about a planned re-print of Tigris and Euphrates by Fantasy Flight Games.


18:57- Robb ask the PegHeads if he should go all in on Pixel Tactics Deluxe.


21:58- Patrick talks about some development is his life and the absence of Pink Peg Keri from the podcast.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

27:12- Patrick provides a rules breakdown for the review game for this week, Concordia.

31:00- All of the Pegs review Rio Grande Games, Concordia.

concordboard concordboardclose concordpana concordplay robconcord

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-Roll

1:04:55- All of the Pegs revisit one of their least favorite games from 2013, Lost Legends.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Discussion

1:09:24- Robb sits down of the Blue Peg, Pink Peg Hot Seat.


One thought on “Episode 38 Show Notes: Concordia and Robb Hot Seat

  1. Sorry to hear about your break-up, Patrick, and thanks for being open with us. You certainly have my support. Good luck!

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