Episode 37 Show Notes: Abyss and Culling Your Collection

Blue Peg Catch Up

1:16- Robb tells us about the history of everyone’s favorite potted meat, SPAM.


3:33- Patrick give a brief initial review of Rio Grande Games dice face changing action selection game, Rattlebones.


5:39- Robb talks about his many family plays of Diamonds, Voluspa, Concordia and the app-based game Heads Up.


9:05- Patrick talks about Imperial Settlers and his concerns about the games balance.


12:27- Patrick discuss the tile building bidding game, Castles of Mad King Ludwig and why it is NOT like Suburbia.


14:28- Robb and Patrick recount their Secret Santa experiences, including Robb’s receipt of My Little Pony Connect Four.


19:50- Patrick and Robb talk about the new Star Wars teaser trailer.

20:59- Robb provides us with an King Death: Monster update.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

22:40- Patrick provides a rules breakdown for the action selection game, Abyss.

27:14- All of the Pegs review, Abyss.

_DSC0970_DSC0968_DSC0970 _DSC0965 _DSC0960 _DSC0959 _DSC0947 _DSC0946 _DSC0944 _DSC0943 _DSC0939 _DSC0940Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-Roll

59:14- All of the Pegs discuss their evolving thoughts on Keyflower.


Blue Peg, Pink Peg Discussion

1:02:43- All of the Pegs discuss the processes that they use when culling their board game collections.


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