Episode 33 Show Notes: Zombie 15 and Gaming Groups

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Blue Peg Catch-Up

2:01- Robb waves his geek flag and recalls the Battlestar Galactica episode, 33.
3:29- Patrick discusses the recent Bruno Cathala Asmodee’s set collection game, Abyss.
5:31- Robb talks about his October Horror Movie month.
6:00- Robb recounts his joy of finally getting to play Pathfinder: The Cardgame.
9:13- Patrick talks about being satisfied by one of his GenCon favorites, Shinobi Clans by Posthuman Studios.
12:42- Robb reviews the ioS implementation of Galaxy Trucker.
16:29- Patrick previews the Essen release, Gaia a family world building game by Tiki Editions.
Gaïa in play
18:35- Patrick talks about Stefan Feld’s newest title, La Isla.
20:49- Patrick discusses the dice building game, Roll for the Galaxy. (Hey, guys I use the phrase die here as the plural and singular version of the word.)
22:34- Robb talks about the preview review of The Witcher the board game computer implementation.
25:08- Patrick talks about the Stonemaier Game’s auction for the board game Euphoria. If you bid on the game you will help support our charity of choice, Mental Health America. (click here to bid or thumb our bid lot up) (click here to donate to Mental Health America).

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

28:03- Patrick provides a rules breakdown for the iello’s cooperative game, Zombie 15′.
To get a copy of the cd online you can check here. http://www.zombie15.com/en/downloads/soundtracks/ (Note, I looked for the file and could not find it. My thanks to the designer for pointing me to this link.)
32:42- All of the Pegs (mostly) review Zombie 15′.
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Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-Roll

58:48- The Pegs revisit the chaotic tile laying game, Galaxy Trucker.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Discussion

1:01:50- The Pegs discuss their experiences with and tips for forming and contributing to gaming groups.