Episode 33 Show Notes: Zombie 15 and Gaming Groups

If you are interested in purchasing, pre-ordering or learning more about the games or things that we mentioned in this episode click on the text to be re-directed to the relevant webpage.

Blue Peg Catch-Up

2:01- Robb waves his geek flag and recalls the Battlestar Galactica episode, 33.


3:29- Patrick discusses the recent Bruno Cathala Asmodee’s set collection game, Abyss.


5:31- Robb talks about his October Horror Movie month.

6:00- Robb recounts his joy of finally getting to play Pathfinder: The Cardgame.

9:13- Patrick talks about being satisfied by one of his GenCon favorites, Shinobi Clans by Posthuman Studios.


12:42- Robb reviews the ioS implementation of Galaxy Trucker.


16:29- Patrick previews the Essen release, Gaia a family world building game by Tiki Editions.

Gaïa in play

18:35- Patrick talks about Stefan Feld’s newest title, La Isla.


20:49- Patrick discusses the dice building game, Roll for the Galaxy. (Hey, guys I use the phrase die here as the plural and singular version of the word.)


22:34- Robb talks about the preview review of The Witcher the board game computer implementation.

25:08- Patrick talks about the Stonemaier Game’s auction for the board game Euphoria. If you bid on the game you will help support our charity of choice, Mental Health America. (click here to bid or thumb our bid lot up) (click here to donate to Mental Health America).


Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

28:03- Patrick provides a rules breakdown for the iello’s cooperative game, Zombie 15′.

To get a copy of the cd online you can check here. http://www.zombie15.com/en/downloads/soundtracks/ (Note, I looked for the file and could not find it. My thanks to the designer for pointing me to this link.)

32:42- All of the Pegs (mostly) review Zombie 15′.

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Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-Roll

58:48- The Pegs revisit the chaotic tile laying game, Galaxy Trucker.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Discussion

1:01:50- The Pegs discuss their experiences with and tips for forming and contributing to gaming groups.


6 thoughts on “Episode 33 Show Notes: Zombie 15 and Gaming Groups

  1. Nice review of Zombie 15, thank you.
    I’m sorry you didn’t like the game so well. Maybe you should have played through all the campaign and feel all the tension of the last scenarios before sharing your thoughts.

    Actually you can set up the game in less than 5 minutes by following this tip (it’s in French so please activate english close caption) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hy1fwwp3aA

    About replayability, you can find 5 more scenarios here : http://www.zombie15.com/en/downloads/books/

    Plus, you can design your own ones with the advise we put in the rulebook and then share them via the map editor : http://www.zombie15.com/en/downloads/map-editor-fan-made-scenarios/

    And there is a Solo campaign with 15 scenarios on its way…

    About the price, let be honest, did you see all the components you have ? it can’t be cheaper. And the Kickstarter campaign helped to decrease the price by 20$ !

    Finally, the soundtrack is just here on the official website (don’t know why you couldn’t find it) : http://www.zombie15.com/en/downloads/soundtracks/

    1. Guillaume,

      I am sorry that we didn’t like it more either. I had high hopes for the game, but the set up was a huge factor for me. I enjoyed the game mechanics generally, but it was so much work to get the game set up.

      In fairness, I do not click with zombie games, for the reasons I described in my review. Your feedback regarding the campaigns is fair, but we gave the game about 8 plays before reviewing it. I do not know if it would have been practical for us to play all 15 of the scenarios before reviewing it, especially since the difficult scales very quickly during the mid scenarios. I felt that I had a very good sense of the game’s play and mechanics when reviewing it. It is a balance we strike and we try to strike it in favor of thoroughness, when reviewing games. That said, keeping a review relevant and useful requires us to be timely in our turn around. We feel that it is our obligation to the publishers that supply us review copies to give the game an adequate number of plays while also releasing the review at a time when interest in the game will be high.

      You have pointed me to several factors that I will assess and if appropriate supplement my thoughts. For one, I had sought details through the iello page and could not find many of the links you supplied. I will make a note in the show notes and link to the downloads. I will also reference the map editor and set up tips and give my thoughts regarding the same during our next ep.

      I noted in my review that I understood the price, I just wasn’t sure the game play support it. I get why it cost as much as it does and wouldn’t really downgrade the components, I just would have liked more play for the price. For example, I think the game would have clicked better for me if you could set up two scenarios at a time, i.e.go from point a to be and then point b to c on one playboard set-up. That way you would have gotten a better prep to play ratio.

      I will definitely make note of your insights in our next ep and as I intend to play future scenarios with my kids in the interim if they take great exception to my rating I will let that be known.

      1. Thanks for your answer.
        Actually it’s Ok for me if you didn’t like the game, as you explained in the episode what you didn’t like. And I know this game is not meant to everybody because of the themes and its frantic side.
        Your review is fair, as I felt some enthusiasm at first when you described the game. And your 1 Peg kinda surprised me.

        But things are getting really serious from Scenario 9 with a “Tower defense” scenario.
        About the price, you said 55$ is too much for you, but the retail price should be 80$. In Europe, it is sold 55-60€.

        As for the setup, we knew it would be a problem but not that much. Maybe we should have more explained how to quickly setupthe game. That’s why I made a video. But we should put it down in the campaign book.

        If you are at the Spiel fair next week, we can meet if you want, Nicolas will be there too.

  2. Guillaume,

    Thanks for your response and comments as well. I greatly appreciate it. I agree entirely regarding the cost, the components are very nice and copious (to say the least) and that price is fair (more than fair) on that count. I will take on a few other scenarios and keep listeners apprised.

    We will not be a Spiel this year, but are totally up for talking with the two of you. As I reflect upon the game more and more I think my thoughts derive more from the difficulty of making a horror game that works. I think you have actually gotten closer than most, but the failure of games to capture that experience continues to disappoint me. Which is not a critique of you or the game, it is just a nut that I would love to see cracked. You guys use some good tools to do that, but I am curious as to whether a game can actually capture the feeling for which I long.

    With regards,


    1. Allright I understand now what you were looking for. But we never intended to create a horror game.
      Instead in Zombie 15 we simply tried to put the stress felt by the characters of a zombie movie. And I think we achieved that.

      1. I agree with that. The game does replicate a visceral emotional experience that is a mix to anxiety and glee.Not every game is a fit for every player. I very much look forward to your future designs.

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