Episode 26 Show Notes: Blue Moon: Legends/Inside the Podcast Studio

 Blue Peg Catch-Up

1:19- Patrick takes over the trivia duties from Robb and tells us about famous 1 Year Failures.


4:22- Robb talks about a recent Dominion session and the Guilds expansion. (buy)


5:51- Patrick talks about the fun family dexterity game, Tok Tok Woodman aka Click Clack Lumberjack. (pre-order)


7:47- Robb details a game of Snake Oil that ended…. oddly.


10:13- Patrick discuss playing Blood Bound and Concept with non-gamers. (buy Blood Bound) (pre-order Concept)


12:48- Patrick and Robb discuss their recent lunchtime gaming trend.

13:45- Patrick discusses his first few plays of Marvel Dicemasters. (pre0rder)


17:11- Robb talks about Seventh PegHead Jaime Stegmaier’s recent kickstarter project that consist of gorgeous game bits, Treasure Chest.



18:27- Patrick talks about a recent kicstarter project that may have convinced him to jump in, Historia.


21:11- Patrick talks about the new Cathala worker displacement game, Five Tribes.



23:41- Patrick talks about the engaging new card game from Fantasy Flight Games, Empire v. Rebellion (yeah I know, I said it backwards).


Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

25:30- Patrick provides a brief rules summary of  Fantasy Flight Games two player card game, Blue Moon: Legends.

28:17- All of the Pegs review Blue Moon: Legends.

_DSC0139 _DSC0136 _DSC0138 _DSC0134 _DSC0133 _DSC0131 _DSC0128 _DSC0124 _DSC0126 _DSC0127

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Discussion

55:01- All of the Pegs discuss the process of creating a board game podcast as they go Inside the Podcast Studio.


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