Episode 22 Show Notes: Bora Bora/The Meta-Game

Blue Peg Catch Up

1:15: Robb tells us a little bit about the novel Catch-22 and the phrases use in American parlance


2:56: The guys discuss recent plays and thoughts about the board game, Spyrim


5:40- The guys preview their review of Bora Bora and their differing views on how it compares to Bruges

6:58- Robb discuss the odoriferous delivery of his newest Feld acquisition, Macao 


9:01- Patrick discuss his gaming travel pack and give tips to other gaming snobs


12:29- Patrick previews the two player game, Pagoda


14:27- Patrick previews the whimsical iello Cthulu themed game, Night of the Grand Octopus

night of octo

15:51- The guys discuss the legal obligations that arise out of kickstarter and the possible future of legal challenges to failed campaigns, including an update on the game Democracy: Majority Rules

28:10- The guys preview the soon to be released Blue Peg, Pink Peg t-shirts

bppp ts

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

31:39- Patrick describes the rules for Bora Bora(with a little help)

45:19- All of the Pegs review the Stefan Feld action selection game, Bora Bora

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Discussion

1:1:53- All of the Pegs discuss the meta-game, or the game outside of the game


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