Episode 20 Show Notes: The Settlers of Catan/Time Management

Blue Peg Catch Up

1:10- Robb tells us about the history the 20 sided die


2:45- The Blue Pegs discuss the good time that was had by all at RobbCon 2014

robb conn

robb conn2games_DSC0068_DSC0061_DSC0053_DSC0056_DSC0058

3:34- Patrick talk about how impressed he was with Power Grid: First Sparks


7:40- Robb discusses some of the challenges that he faced when trying to keep the world clean as he played CO2


13:16- Patrick discuss the overly long game, What’s He Building In There


19:08- Robb discusses his plays of Infiltration


22:14- The Blue Pegs discuss their conflicting views on the Fantasy Flight Game, Chaos in The Old World


30:11- Robb admits to a defeat (contested) in The Resistance

30:15- The guys discuss finger smudging and the designer party game, Mascarade


37:30- Patrick previews the upcoming Asmodee game Abyss


40:05- Patrick previews a unique worker placement puzzle game, Praetor


Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review


45:40- Patrick provide a rules breakdown for The Settlers of Catan

55:31- All of the Pegs review The Settlers of Catan

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Discussion

1:23:10- All of the Pegs talk about how they make time for games


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