Episode 19 Show Notes: Rampage/Game Mechanics

Blue Peg Catch-up

1:26- Robb tells us a little about Jackson Pollock and his iconic work “No. 19, 1948.”

number 19

2:35- The guys announce the winner of the Asmodee Concept contest, Joel Wolf (click here to but Concept, Continental Express and/or The Builders: Middle Ages).

concept animals

6:15- The guys review the 2 player game, A Few Acres of Snow


8:28- Patrick raves about Russian Railroads and its 2 player variant


12:06- Robb talks more about Dominion


13:35- Robb talks about the upcoming expansion for Trains

trains board

14:52- Robb thanks the PegHeads for some recent tips and comments

dominion trucker

16:26- Robb notes our recent movement on the boardgamelinks website rankings

17:50- Robb has beef about his math trade (though not math trades generally)

22:41- The guys preview RobbCon 2014

xwing dorks

24:04- Patrick discusses the upcoming Asmodee game, Lords of Xidit


25:05- Patrick previews the beautiful game Machi Koro (click here to learn more of Mary Blair)


26:48- Patrick talks about the upcoming Stronghold Games title, Kanban (click here to access the This American Life episode referenced by Patrick)


28:01- Robb discuss the kickstarter project, Area 1851


29:58- Patrick discusses his recent interview with the designers of Plaid Hat Games, Dead of Winter


Blue Peg, Pink Peg Reviews


32:24- Patrick provides a walk through of Rampage

40:39- All of the Pegs review Asmodee Game’s dexterity game Rampage

BluePeg, Pink Peg Discussion

1:05:13- All of the Pegs discuss their favorite and least favorite game mechanics



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