Episode 18: Show Notes: Dominion/Trains

Blue Peg Catch-up

1:09- Robb describes the history of the 18th Amendment of the US Constitution

2:32- The Blue Pegs discuss their ongoing contest to win 3 Asmodee games, Concept, The Builders: The Middle Ages and Continental Express


4:19- Patrick gives his review of Continental Express


6:07- Robb recounts some issues he has with his recent play of Legends of Andor


9:23- Patrick discusses his PrezCon experience including his play of the combat, area control game Shogun


14:32- Robb shares his first impressions of Eldritch Horror


16:03- Patrick discusses how impressed he is with the most recent Settlers of Catan expansion Explorers and Pirates


19: 44- Robb discusses his tenure and a geeky camp counselor during his recent play of Fiasco

21:02- Robb bemoans his Dominion storage problems and Patrick proposes many storage options

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24:14- Patrick gives you some options for improving your board game storage, including Eric Gertz and Rob Searings foam core storage solutions



25:37- Robb discusses his experience with Board Game Geek math trades

26:37- Robb complains about the most recent Accession ioS expansion

29:12- Patrick discusses the kickstarter campaign for his dream game, Kill Shakespeare


31:28- Patrick gives early word news of a new Village expansion, Village Port


32:19- Patrick discusses the collectors edition of Robb’s favorite game, Tokaido


33:19- The Blue Pegs discuss the newest games announcement from Stronghold Games, the impending release of Panamax


Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review


34:30- Patrick provides a rules breakdown for Dominion

39:27- All of the Pegs review Rio Grande Games’ Dominion

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review


1:08:05- Patrick provides a rules breakdown for Trains

1:14:56- All of the Pegs review AEG’s Trains


7 thoughts on “Episode 18: Show Notes: Dominion/Trains

  1. Wow. This review just solidified how different my tastes are from most of your group. Dominion has the most bland boring terrible theme and art. Every deck builder I played after was more fun and thematic. Also you have almost no player interaction. So many 6s for this game. I don’t get why this continues to be so popular amongst better games. Anyhow I don’t mean to tell you your opinion is wrong but I can’t seem to understand how you like his games and then love mediocre theme dead games if theme is important to you.

    1. I disagree regarding the theme of Dominion, though I will concede my view (Patrick) on this point is in the minority. I agree regarding the art. For me, theme, while an enriching feature of a game is far less important than mechanics. While my co-hosts view theme as MUCH more important than I do, I like the puzzle of a game much more than the story of a game.

    2. Also you all hated on trains theme, atleast it has a theme! Dominion is the worst. The art in dominion is so boring and bland.

      1. Obviously, we view it differently. I felt that Dominion’s theme is more far scoping than Trains, but don’t feel it is themeless. As I said, I agree regarding the art. At the end of the day, I just have much more fun playing Dominion, and think it has richer and more engaging gameplay. So glad you enjoy Trains. Hope you enjoy the other games in the related line. Thanks for your thoughts and feedback.

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