Episode 18: Show Notes: Dominion/Trains

Blue Peg Catch-up

1:09- Robb describes the history of the 18th Amendment of the US Constitution
2:32- The Blue Pegs discuss their ongoing contest to win 3 Asmodee games, Concept, The Builders: The Middle Ages and Continental Express
4:19- Patrick gives his review of Continental Express
6:07- Robb recounts some issues he has with his recent play of Legends of Andor
9:23- Patrick discusses his PrezCon experience including his play of the combat, area control game Shogun
14:32- Robb shares his first impressions of Eldritch Horror
16:03- Patrick discusses how impressed he is with the most recent Settlers of Catan expansion Explorers and Pirates
19: 44- Robb discusses his tenure and a geeky camp counselor during his recent play of Fiasco
21:02- Robb bemoans his Dominion storage problems and Patrick proposes many storage options
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24:14- Patrick gives you some options for improving your board game storage, including Eric Gertz and Rob Searings foam core storage solutions
25:37- Robb discusses his experience with Board Game Geek math trades
26:37- Robb complains about the most recent Accession ioS expansion
29:12- Patrick discusses the kickstarter campaign for his dream game, Kill Shakespeare
31:28- Patrick gives early word news of a new Village expansion, Village Port
32:19- Patrick discusses the collectors edition of Robb’s favorite game, Tokaido
33:19- The Blue Pegs discuss the newest games announcement from Stronghold Games, the impending release of Panamax

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

34:30- Patrick provides a rules breakdown for Dominion
39:27- All of the Pegs review Rio Grande Games’ Dominion
Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review
1:08:05- Patrick provides a rules breakdown for Trains
1:14:56- All of the Pegs review AEG’s Trains