Episode 11: Keyflower/Pink Peg Christina Hot Seat

Blue Peg Catch-up

1:11- The Blue Pegs discuss their new theme music, by Sakvoovie and the Epitones

Skavoovie & The Epitones

2:46- The Blue Pegs open and marvel over the gifts Robb received through BGG’s Secret Santa Program


5:33- Patrick discuss a few of his daughters favorite games including, Love Letter, Dweebies, Cash & Guns and Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule


9:07- Robb and Patrick discuss AEG’s Smash-Up and the Obligatory Ctuhulu Expansion


10:30- The guys discuss Robb’s return to King of Tokyo, that games various expansions and the upcoming King of New York expansion


11:44- The guys rave over Terra Mystica


14:14- Patrick updates and corrects his comments about the kickstarter campaign for Dreaming Spires

14:46- Robb discusses his recent online time waster, Card Hunter


16:48- Patrick shares Snake & Latte’s Gift Guide


17:31- Robb discusses the kickstarter campaign for Pathfinder Dice Arena

19:29- Patrick previews the chaotic block stacking game Ka-Boom


20:59- Patrick previews Blueprints, the strategic dice building game


22:15- Patrick talks about the team block stacking abstract game, La Boca


23:22- Robb talks about a possible stocking stuffer for the dice maniac in your life, Doublesix Dice

24:34- The Blue Pegs discuss their ongoing facebook contest where you can win a copy of the board game, Trieste


Blue Peg, Pink Peg Reviews

Click here for a written review.

25:39- Patrick provides a walk through of the game play of R&D Games and Game Salute’s, Keyflower


35:16- All of the Pegs review Keyflower

BluePeg, Pink Peg Discussion

58:54- The Pegs learn more about Pink Peg Christina during the inaugural Hot Seat segment


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