Show Notes: Episode 101- Origins 2017 and Sara and Lincoln Hot Seat

Peg Catch-Up

1:13- Martha Dumptruck (a/k/a Robb) provides us with a little information about the word “critter”.

7:23- The Pegs talk through the beginning of their Origin’s adventure.

11:53- The Pegs discuss their Origins arrival and the first game of the weekend, Niya.

14:20- The Pegs talk about pocket jerky with Burky at Kingmakers.

16:51- The Pegs talk about Meghan who thought them Everyone Does Not Come Out.

23:51- Christina and Robb rave about Flamme Rouge.

27:00- Patrick discusses a game in the 6 Nimmit line, the name of which he could not recall.

29:12- The Pegs talk about demoing a game by their good friend Conor McGoey, Summit as well as their GenCon game play of the game.

34:50- The Pegs discuss playing games with PegHead TJ Firebeard and others including Sagrada.

39:12- Patrick talks about playing Villages of Valeria with PegHead KY Mike.

41:20- The Pegs talk about meeting PegHead Bernard and having lunch at Melt with Chaz and the master of dad jokes, Marty of Rolling Dice and Taking Names.

45:00- Patrick talks about playing a late night game of Outlive.

49:55- The Pegs talk about heading into the vendor hall and their play of Rhino Hero Super Battle.

53:00- Christina talks about one of the surprises of the Con, The Climbers.

56:00- The Pegs talk about demoing games at the Stronghold booth, including: Frogriders;

Fields of Green;

Not Alone; and

Get the Cheese.

1:11:13- The Pegs talk about the thrill that was the PegHead Meet-Up.

1:20:43- The Pegs talk about the impressive new title from Isaac Childress, Founders of Gloomhaven.

1:25:00- Robb and Christina talk about Christina’s first True Dungeon experience, including the spark of her wizard love, thanks to Isaac.

1:32:35- Patrick talks about two impressive titles from Renegade Games, Honshu and Sentient.

1:36:33- The Pegs talk about The Secret Cabal Meet Up.

1:39:48- Robb and Patrick recount their game of Terra Mystica with Isaac.

1:42:04- The Pegs talk about playing games, including two of the Exit campaigns, The Secret Lab and The Pharaoh’s Tomb with PegHead Joanna.

PegHead Hot Seat

Bumper Music- Hot Thoughts by Spoon.

1:50:25- The Pegs put another board gaming couple in the Blue Peg, Pink Peg Hot Seat, Sara Erickson of Renegade Games and Lincoln Erickson of Rook’s Comics and Games.