Episode 1: King of Tokyo and Boardgame Weekends Show Notes

Blue Peg Catch-up

4:18- Getting to know the Blue Pegs, Rob and Patrick

7:32- The Blue Pegs discuss their recent boardgaming experiences

13:39- Robb discuss the new Dominion organizational case kickstarter campaing


Patrick dicsuss several alternative oganizational techniques, including Rule & Make’s cases and homemade organizational solutions



20:28- Patrick discusses a spate of recent expansions

26:18- The Blue Pegs discuss their plans for GenCon 2013

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

34:12- Robb provides an overview of King of Tokyo

King of Tokyo: Rules of Play


40:30- The panel discusses Richard Garfield and Iello Game’sKing of Tokyo

King of Tokyo: Expansion

KoT Power Up


King of Tokyo: Art

KoT Figures

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Discussion

1:04:49- The panel discusses how to plan a Boardgame weekend


6 thoughts on “Episode 1: King of Tokyo and Boardgame Weekends Show Notes

  1. I found your podcast on iTunes and have put it into my podcatcher to check out over the weekend. You might consider submitting your podcast to http://boardgamegeek.com's podcast list. Go to the main page, click Misc -> (under Add to Database click Podcast).

    I look forward to listening to your perspective on the hobby. My wife and I play games with our three kids, co-host a monthly community game night, and co-host a irregularly published podcast of our own about expanding the board game community, Great Big Table.

    I’ll let you know what I think after listening.

    1. Thanks for your comments. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and will check out Great Big Table. We submitted the podcast to boardgamgeek earlier in the week and are awaiting the moderator’s response. As we noted above, we are glad to have you as a listener and look forward to hearing your thoughts and perspectives.

      1. I really enjoyed the show.

        The sound quality is great. I think Rob and Patrick have a nice rapport. It’s obvious that you guys are friends and I think that leads to a good show. Over time, your audience will probably begin to feel like they are “part” of your gaming group. That’s a good thing.

        It’s always nice to hear about couples and families that play together and I think your wives offer a nice perspective. It sounded like you all enjoyed making the show.

        I look forward to hearing more.

      2. Thanks for your kind words. We hope that our interaction allows our audience to feel like they know us, which in truth they will. The ladies bring a very interesting perspective as they both have strong views about what they like do and don’t like about boardgaming, as a hobby. We look forward to hearing your podcast and will remain in touch.

        Again, thanks.

        Sent from my iPhone

  2. I just stumbled upon this podcast yesterday. I really liked it and it is just what I have been looking for! I hope to use your episodes (specifically the pink peg sarcasm) as a next step introduction for my girlfriend into the world of board gaming. I’m sure she can relate to the issues that your wives have with the hobby and hopefully their open-minded attitude will rub off on her :).

    Your wives seem great, approaching the hobby with a healthy and entertaining amount of support, humor and harassment. I will do my best to get my girlfriend listening to the show even if only for the pink peg sections. You can, however, count on me listening to each and every episode. I’m looking forwards to catching up on your show.

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