Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review Policy

We here at Blue Peg, Pink Peg are fans of board games; but also the people who play and create them.

When deciding upon the games we want to review we take three primary factors into account: 1) Are we giving our listeners information that will help them find and play fun games? 2) Will the review and our discussion of the game be entertaining? and 3) Will our review help grow and develop our hobby?

Ideally, the answer to each of these questions is a resounding yes. However, if one factor predominates in a compelling way, we will occasionally make exceptions to this requirement.

We often solicit games that we think satisfy each of these criteria from publishers or game designers. When we do, we communicate with our publishing partners to let them know when a review will likely release. Should we find that we do not think a game that we have requested meets these criteria (after receipt and play), we will communicate that fact to our partners and occasionally abstain from discussing the game, but we always reserve the right to comment upon a game that we do not like.

That said, we are not in the business of bashing games solely for the sake of bashing games, after all, hearing about games we hate may not be of much use to our listeners. We are however candid in our game assessments. This serves both our listeners and our publishing partners, since if people can not rely upon our reviews they will not act upon our recommendations. Put another way, we care deeply about cultivating and preserving our listeners’ trust.

We often receive request to review games. While we will consider these request, please understand that in order to give reviewed games fair treatment and consideration, we must commit a great deal of time to game play and assessment. We do not currently accept payment for reviews. In light of this, we often have to decline review offers.

However, we are committed to growing our hobby and supporting those that commit time and energy to the creation of board games. In light of this, we will on rare occasion, accept unsolicited review copies, i.e. game we did not specifically request. These games must be at or very near production quality. We simply can not fairly assess games that are not complete (this includes rule books).

If you would like for us to review a game that you have created, reach out to us at either or by mailing us a review copy at 2419 Avenell Avenue, SW, Roanoke VA 24015. If you do send us a review copy, please email us at to let us know; we will be on the lookout for the game and notify you when it is received. Please note that request sent to our BGG accounts or facebook page may be overlooked. If you do send us unsolicited review copies please bear these things in mind:

  1. We do not like to return prototypes or review copies of games we receive. So if you send it to us, consider it to be ours; to keep, sell, or otherwise dispose of as we desire. We also do not review print and play copies of games. (We will however respect reasonable moratoriums or limitations. Likewise, we are reasonable and will accommodate special request, when circumstances warrant.)
  2. We do not guarantee a discussion of unsolicited games. If you send it to us, you do so in the hope that we will enjoy and discuss the game. If we do not like it, we probably will not talk about it (though we may). If we do, we will. In the interest of full disclosure, before sending us an unsolicited game you should know we rarely discuss unsolicited games. That said, if we really enjoy it, we will.
  3. We will set timelines for reviews. But please understand, preparing a careful review can take time. If you are sending us an unsolicited game, do not expect us to review the game until at least a month after the game has been received. And please note, our episodes release twice a month. We record our episodes on the Thursday before the Monday when the episode releases. Please take this into account and plan accordingly.
  4. We do not agree to provide comments or discussion of the game, either public or private. If you would like to retain us to provide a skilled blind play test, we will be happy to discuss the terms of such and engagement with you. This said, there are many people who will happily play test your game for free, so we probably are not the place to look for that kind of support. However, we will not discuss or promote games in which we hold a financial interest (of any kind behind receipt of a review copy) with out prominent disclosures clarifying our interest. Even then, retaining us to play test a game does not equate to a guaranteed review of discussion of the game.
  5. We will endeavor to be courteous and prompt in our responses; however, we do not have the time to respond to every review request. If you do not hear back from us in a timely manner (within a couple of days, and often sooner) we probably are not interested. It is nothing personal, it just doesn’t appear to us that your game will be of interest to our listeners.
  6. If we do review your game, we may use assets from your promotional materials in promotion of the review. We do this in promotion of your title and will presume that you have authorized us to use these materials, unless you expressly tell us otherwise.

We take our responsibility to our listeners and our partners very seriously. We will do all that we can to be respectful and professional in all of our dealings. We will cooperate whenever possible and are eager to help our hobby and all of us that enjoy it to succeed. If you have ideas for the promotion of a title, please let us know. We love to collaborate with our partners, provided doing so does not impair our responsibility to our listeners.

We thank you for all of your efforts and support of our show and the hobby of board gaming.