Show Notes: Episode 82- Scythe and Board Game Cafes

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Peg Catch Up

1:10- Robb tells us a little about the musician whose name relates to the 82nd element on the period table, Leadbelly.
5:18- All of the Pegs talk about the roll out of our Pints.
6:56- The Pegs discuss their recent online contest for our Patreon backers, where one PegHead won a copy of Inis. (publisher) (buy/pre-order)
(Answer Key)
8:37- The Pegs celebrate the completion of their Top 50 lists.

Patrick’s Top 50 ListJeremy’s Top 50 ListRobb’s Top 50 ListChristina’s Top 50 List
10:10- Robb visits he favorite solo gaming spot and discusses the recent expansion to the mobile version Ascension. (publisher) (to get the app)
12:10- Jeremy celebrates his half way walk to senility by paying homage to his dark lord.
14:52- Jeremy discuss his plays of the reduced price plastic version of Pretzel Game’s Flick ‘Em Up. (publisher) (to buy)
17:51- Jeremy recounts the unique terror that comes from playing Escape from the Alien’s In Outer Space. (publisher) (to buy)
22:31- Robb and Christina express their disappointment with the unique deck builder, Flip City. (publisher) (to buy)
25:46- Robb and Christina also recount their experiences with the card game by Rio Grande, TranAmerica. (publisher) (to buy)
27:47- Robb and Christina discuss the great and durable two-player game, Hive. (publisher) (to buy)
29:50- Patrick talks about the highly recommended two-player game by Osprey Games, Odin’s Ravens. (publisher) (to buy)
33:11- Patrick raves about the under celebrated area control game by Stronghold Games, City of Spies: Estoril 1942. (publisher) (to buy)
37:13- Patrick talks about the fun family press your luck game, Dicey Goblins. (publisher) (to buy)
40:30- The Pegs announce the winner of their Renegade Games Family Game Contest.

41:00- Robb shares news of the upcoming Dominion reprints. (BGG News) (to buy Dominion 2nd Ed.) (to buy Dominion Intrigue 2nd Ed.)
43:10- Robb talks about the upcoming extension to The Game, The Game: Extreme. (BGG Page)
45:40- Patrick talks about the incredibly dense upcoming Uwe Rosenberg title, A Feast for Odin. (BGG Page) (to be notified when available for pre-order)
50:05- Patrick whets Robb’s appetite for the newest Stefan Feld game, The Oracle of Delphi. (BGG Page) (publisher)
53:44- Christina gives a shout out to the Fairfax, Virginia game store, Comics and Gaming. (website)

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

Bumper Music- Long Distance Call by Muddy Waters. (to listen to this and all of the BPPP Bumpers, head over to our spotify playlist by clicking here)
54:52- Patrick provides a brief rules breakdown for Scythe by Stonemaier Games.
Bumper Music- The Rules by David Monks.
57:15- All of the Pegs review Scythe.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Discussion

1:46:16- All of the Pegs discuss what they would love to see in a board game cafe.