Episode 258: Federation

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1) The Pegs discuss their recent game plays including Divinity Original Sin: The Board Game, Santa’s Workshop, Horrified Greek Monsters and many more;

2) All the Pegs review Federation; and

3) get hyped about TANTRUMCON, and another KEVIN HOT TIPS on healthy gaming.

Show Notes

1:06 – All the pegs are going to TANTRUMCON!

6:56 – BPPP Holiday Secret Santa exchange is open through our BGG guild.

9:25 – Green Peg hosts a Taskmaster dinner party

22:43– KEVIN’s HOT TIPS-Healthy Gaming


34:40 – Divinity Original Sin: The Board Game [Buy] – Publisher: Larian Studios; Designers: Noah CohenKieron KellyKat KrugerBrian Neff; Art: Dave Stokes;

46:48 – Caverna: Frantic Fiends [Buy] – Publisher: Lookout Games; Designers: Karl-Heinz KettlJürgen MayrhoferUwe Rosenberg; Art: Javier González Cava;

59:35 – Santa’s Workshop 2nd Edition *[Buy] – Publisher: Elf Creek Games ; Designer: Keith Ferguson; Artists: Andrew BosleyJacqui DavisMatt Paquette & Co.;

1:09:18 – Horrified Greek Monsters [Buy] – Publisher: Ravensburger; Designer: Michael Mulvihill; Art: Victor Maristane;


1:19:38Disney Adventure Game

1:23:08 – Are you excited for another Villainous?

1:24:49- Hamsterrolle

1:26:20Monty Python Board Game

1:30:49Peghead designs a board game!

1:34:01Digsaw- Roll & Cut game from Stronghold

1:38:17The Gang: The Cooperative Poker Game

1:40:34Votes for Women Getting Shutdown by Facebook


1:44:00 – Rules Gist

Federation designed by Mimitri Perrier and Matthieu Verdier and made available by Eagle Gryphon games is a 2 to 4 player game where players compete to fund projects, win votes and have the majority influence on planets to score those sweet victory points and be admitted to the galactic Federation.

The game board is divided into 18 action spaces representing planets, senate rooms and a spy action which copies other actions on the board that may already be taken. You select which action you are taking by placing a chip from your player board (you get 4 per round) on the action space. Without getting too far in the space weeds you decide which side of the chip you use that could either be a voting side (at end of round if you’re on the right side of votes you could score points) or the other side of the chip with a check mark. The check mark will fund a special project which if fully funded at the end of the game scores end game points. Actions on your turn generally either get you resources, including votes to use, can get you a single use ability, score points, or set up production of a good or action at the beginning of each round. A further decision you make is whichever action space you choose will increase your influence on that planet which potentially is also a factor in end of round and end game scoring. 

There’s also your personal player board that can allow you to do additional actions and a few other things including scoring points based off of your authority track as a multiplier for actions available in the game.

After 5 rounds and end game scoring the player with the most points is the winner. Now, let’s head back to the studio where we find out if this game blasts into hyper speed or if it’s a big ole order 66 – NOT THE YOUNGLINGS! 

1:46:18 – Review

2:15:23 – Ratings

Gameplay Photos

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