Episode 256: Planta Nubo

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1) The Pegs discuss their recent game plays including Oathsworn, Dracula vs Van Helsing, Fantasy Realms Deluxe Edition and many more;

2) All the Pegs review Planta Nubo; and

3) Look back at PAXU 2023 and share their Holiday Gaming Guides.

Show Notes

1:05– Contest Reminder: Tell us what your “Ghosts of gaming past, present and future” would tell you. Submit to earn a chance to win a $100 gift card!!

4:26 – PAXU Recap and shoutout to the pegheads!

18:23Little Dickies Measuring Stickies gameplay at PAXU

25:08– Home Alone with Robb and his holiday plans

31:13– BPPP Holiday Do’s and Don’ts


43:39 – Dracula Vs Van Helsing [Buy] – Publisher-Mandoo Games ; Designers: Maxime RambourgThéo Rivière; Art: Weberson Santiago;

51:15 – Oathsworn [Buy] – Publisher-Shadowborne Games; Designer: Jamie Jolly; Art: Francesca BaeraldVladimir BuchykSean JacksonDongjun LuDongbiao Lu;

1:02:02 – Fantasy Realms Deluxe Edition* [Buy] – Publisher-WizKids (I); Designer: Bruce Glassco; Art: Anthony Cournoyer;

1:08:30 – Get on Board-Paris & Roma* [Buy] – Publisher- IELLO ; Designer: Saashi; Art: Monsieur Z;


1:16:20Gloomhaven Pinball

1:18:46RftG: Xenostrike Delayed

1:22:27Gaia Project

1:23:46Summit Award Winner-Votes for Women

1:26:59D&D stamps!!!!

1:29:36Splendor: Pokemon

1:32:10Hasbro Layoffs

Planta Nubo

1:38:02 – Rules Gist

Planta Nubo is designed by: Michael Keller (II), Andreas “ode.” Odendahl, Uwe Rosenberg

Published by: The Game Builders

For 1-4 players

In Planta Nubo you are growing flowers in cloudy gardens on the tops of giant trees. These flowers will be delivered to freight containers to produce green energy which you will then use to power up modules and oxy farms. But wait, you have a gardenbot that will help you enhance your actions and support your work in the flower fields. Sounds delightful. Using energy is what moves your energy die around your board which powers the module cards and repopulates flowerbeds. 

Each player has a board that holds your tree and where you will be planting flowerbeds and forests and attaching modules and oxy cards (end game scoring) around the outside of the board. When energy is gained this  is what moves your energy die around your board which powers the module cards and repopulates flowerbeds. Players also have a tool shed board which holds your personal containers, your gardenbot tracker, your arbor track and where you will compost flowers.There is the main board that holds the airship containers, oxy cards and module cards which can be chosen throughout the game and then there is an area of the table that displays the blueprints and flowerbed tiles in a grid whose size will depend on player count. This is where players will be placing their tools to select actions throughout the game. 

Game is played over 4 rounds that comprise four different phases. Tool Phase-choose 3 of the 4 tools to place in-between blueprint tiles and the flowerbed tiles, then you decide which tile you want to activate for its actions. If you spend two gardenbot points you can do both tiles actions, but that’s just once per round. If you activate a blueprint you do what it says. These typically will allow you to deliver flowers to the airship containers to gain energy, increase your arbor track, give you additional gardenbot charges, flip over plug in markers, gain soil, , if you activate a flowerbed you take the top polyomino tile and place it in your personal flowerbed, gaining resources that you cover when placed and then putting flower cubes on top of that flowerbed. Afterwards you do a personal delivery to your own shipping containers if you have any. Delivering flowers is exactly what it sounds like, take a flower off your personal board and deliver it to a container of the same color. Delivering flowers will gain a player ENERGY. . Finally, activate one of your module cards that has a standby token on it. Crafting Phase– their last tool which they will place up on the main board to take the corresponding crafting tile action. Forest Phase-we plant forests, if players have created empty flowerbed space that can hold the shape of a forest tile they can either plant a forest or flip over an already planted forest on their board. Forests will contribute to end game scoring, give immediate benefits and possibly additional income during that phase. Then finally its Income Phase where all players gain  income. Rinse and repeat until you reach the end of the fourth round where you will go into final scoring. 

1:41:25 – Deep Dive

2:11:43 – Ratings

Gameplay Photos

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