Episode 254: Evacuation

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1) The Pegs discuss their recent game plays including Barcelona, Waffle Time, Ahau-Rulers of Yucatan and many more;

2) All the Pegs review Evacuation; and

3) Chat about the upcoming Discord hangout on November 21st at 9pm EST, play Hard to Get with us!

Show Notes

1:09 – Pegs going to PAXU

6:04 – Hang out on November 21st at 9pm EST on our DISCORD and play Hard to Get with us! Chance to win some games too!

8:30 – Robb games with his mom!

15:21-Brandon gets some games in during lunchtime

21:53– Kevin plays Alan Wake 2


28:21 – Barcelona* [Buy] – Publisher-Board&Dice ; Designer: Dani Garcia; Artists: Zuzanna KołakowskaAleksander Zawada;

32:22 – Waffle Time* [Buy] – Publisher-Alderac Entertainment Group; Designer: Maxime Demeyere; Art: eggbuttertoast;

44:04 – Tricky Badger [Buy] – Publisher-Jolly Dutch Productions; Designer: Alexander Kneepkens; Art: Zhenya Lyapina;

51:52 – Ahau-Rulers of Yucatan* [Buy] – Publisher-Grand Gamers Guild; Designer: Oláh Tamás; Artists: Lázár Aurél, & Szabó Dávid;


1:06:44 CMON: God of War

1:11:23Hope: Chronicles of Osmae

1:15:57Diablo Board Game and RPG

1:19:56Altered TCG PNP

1:23:05Tabletop Game Designers Association

1:28:38Dungeons and Dragons Underwear


1:36:36 – Rules Gist

All the players start on one planet and you have four rounds to move everything off the dying planet to the new planet.  Now there are a lot of different modules you can add in and there are two main variants (race mode and points mode). 

 At the start of each round both place will produce resources, the idea here being that the old planet will produce less and less and the new planet more and more.  You can not share resources, meaning if I build something on the new planet, the resources required need to come from the new planet.  

These resources feed your workers, helps build things you will need, and pay for additional actions each round. During the game, the players use cards to chose their actions.  There are actions on the bottom of the player boards which players can slide their card under face down to choose.  The actions can 

  • Get you resources. 
  • Let you build a tech (give you ongoing abilities, production, on one time actions)
  • Let you build infrastructure (if you meet the requirements, can give you production on the new world)     
  • Build a space ship (used to move people and structures)
  • Settle the planet (use those people and structures) one of the most important actions in the game as this is how you get your situation on the new planet up and running. 
  • make clones or structures (again for settling).
  • Build a stadium (3 of these need to be on the new planet before the end of the game)

Now where this chosen action is located on your player board will also generate progress points. At the end of the round, you use those progress points to move on track.  To simplify this track, where you are located on it, will help you build on the new planet. 

Lets go back to those cards, I mentioned you played these face down.  Well each card also has actions on them.  These action tend to be better, but ultimately give you less progress points. 

Everyone gets two free actions each round, if you want to take more actions, it cost you resources. 

After actions are done, players transport using those spaceships you hopefully made. Moving structures and people from one planet to another. Player order is calculated (smiley faces on stadiums). Movement on the progress track, there are some end round bonuses based on progress points and cleanup.  Do this for 4 rounds. 

At the end of the game, there are penalties for not moving everything over, for not feeding your people during the game, and penalties for not building three stadiums. Depending on the mode/variants there can be various end game scoring.  Whoever did the best at moving their portion of the planet to a new planet is the winner. 

1:39:55 – Review

2:15:43– Ratings

Gameplay Photos

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