Episode 253: Dead By Daylight: The Board Game

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1) The Pegs discuss their recent game plays including Nocturne, Lorcana, Rauha and many more;

2) All the Pegs review Dead By Daylight: The Board Game; and

3) Recap their trip to Scotland, announce a hangout, and Kevin’s at it again with some hot takes!

Show Notes

1:29-Update on Horror Movie Month

5:13– Hangout Announcement: November 21st

8:38 – Pegs at PAXU

10:24– BPPP PINTS! They make a great holiday gift!

11:32 – Kevin’s Top 5 ways to get through Essen FOMO

17:52– Brandon, Jordan, Robb and Christina go to Scotland!


34:23 – Garden Guests* [Buy] – Publisher: Van Ryder Games; Designer: Stephen Glenn; Art: Kristena Derrick;

43:16 – Nocturne* [Buy] – Publisher: Flatout Games ; Designer: David Iezzi; Art: Beth Sobel;

49:41 – Disney Lorcana [Buy] – Publisher: Ravensburger; Designers: Ryan MillerSteve Warner; Artists: Cory GodbeyLuis HuertaCam KendellJake Parker;

59:58 – Rauha* [Buy] – Publisher: GRRRE Games; Designer: Johannes GoupyThéo Rivière; Art: O’lee;


1:09:18WallZAP on Kickstarter

1:17:03Saw- the board game

1:19:29Takenoko Oyako Collectors Edition

1:21:13Monoploy Game (that I might play)

1:23:32TI4 to BGA

1:25:07Van Gogh Museum Scared of Pokemon

1:29:04IHOP magic

1:30:28Tiny Epic Crimes involved in Epic Crimes

Dead By Daylight: The Board Game

1:35:40 – Rules Gist

Good evening BOILS and GHOULS, it’s me your old pal the Keeper of Crypts, avoiding trademark infringement at the moment, here to give you the rules gist for Dead by Daylight a 3 to 5 player play one versus many game published by Level 99 games and designed by D. Brad Talton Jr.

Listen up kiddies, the objective of the game is for the survivors to move around the board exploring rooms and trying to restart generators and make it to the exit. The Killer attempts to sacrifice the survivors by catching them, wounding them and then putting them on a hook. Well that’s one way to… STICK AROUND

At the start of a turn survivors and the killer select movement cards that are color coded to the pathways between rooms on the board. The survivors then in turn order explore rooms, sometimes finding items, sometimes gaining blood points, sometimes hiding in a locker, putting up barriers to block the killer on their turn and of course trying to fix generators through success or failure on a dice roll. Once all the generators are started players need to head for the exit and fix it using a similar dice roll mechanic. It’s worth mentioning that survivors all have individual special abilities that can be accessed on turns if they have blood points. Survivors cooperate to achieve goals because as they say two DEADS are better than one. 

The killer can do very similar actions as they move around the room but bad NOOSE for the survivors the killers have some special abilities too and get one extra movement card per turn and are allowed to “wait” as a movement. The killer attempts to wound survivors.Once a survivor is wounded they can be hung on a hook. The Killer wins when they collect enough tokens to fill the track at the top of the game board. They collect one token the first time they hook a survivor, then subsequent tokens at the end of the round during the clean up phase for each survivor currently on a hook. Survivors are allowed to rescue each other, it’s like they say, if at first you don’t succeed, DIE DIE AGAIN!

Now back to graveyard to see if the zompegs think the MORGUE THE MERRIER or if this game is a DUD BY DEADLIGHT. 

1:38:39 – Review

2:00:21 – Ratings

Gameplay Photos

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