Board Games and Relationships with Rolling Dice and Taking Names

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Live from #ATOM2023 and the Gamers Ranch the pegs talk to other content creators about board games and relationships and the interaction between the two. This episodes guests were Marty and Vanessa from Rolling Dice and Taking Names

Rolling Dice and Taking Names

Our good friends and neighbors to the south Rolling Dice and Taking Names has been a staple in the board game podcast arena. Marty will be the first to let you know that they started before BPPP! In all seriousness Marty and Tony are genuine southern gentlemen who love board games and video games and well just about anything geeky.

Tony was supposed to join Marty at #ATOM2023 but sadly couldn’t make it. So Marty found the next best thing which was his beautiful wife Vanessa. This episode is very timely as they just celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary! If you listen to RDTN you probably have heard Vanessa’s voice numerous times as she is a huge part of their show providing their introduction and other voice appearances.

Christina had a great time sitting down with Marty and Vanessa to learn about their gaming origin story and what it’s like gaming together.

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