Episode 238: Endless Winter-Paleoamericans

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1) The Pegs discuss their recent game plays including Heat-Pedal to the Metal, Blazon, Point City and many more;

2) TantrumCon recap, Last of Us praise (no spoilers) and new training program for World Series of Board Gaming;

3) And all the Pegs review Endless Winter-Paleoamericans.

Show Notes


1:14 – TantrumCon recap

4:05– Harper’s Bazaar from TantrumCon

20:45-Pegheads at TantrumCon

22:35 – Christina plays Last of Us…..again (no spoilers)

26:19 – Kevin’s new training regiment for the World Series of Board Gaming


31:34 – Heat-Pedal to the Metal [Buy] – Publisher: Days of Wonder; Designers: Asger Harding GranerudDaniel Skjold Pedersen; Art: Vincent Dutrait;

40:28 – Point City* [Buy] – Publisher: Flatout Games ; Designers: Molly JohnsonRobert MelvinShawn Stankewich; Art: Dylan Mangini;

44:54 – Deep Dive* [Buy] – Publisher: Flatout Games ; Designers: Molly JohnsonRobert MelvinShawn Stankewich; Art: Dylan Mangini;

48:00 – Super-Skill Pinball:Ramp it Up [Buy] – Publisher: WizKids ; Designer: Geoff Engelstein; Art: Gong Studios;

55:34- Blazon * [Buy] – Publisher: 25th Century Games; Designer: David Conklin; Art: Ian O’Toole;


1:04:07-Discord talk, where is the channel? channel

1:09:46Story Dice

1:14:22Walking Dead RPG

1:17:19 – Need some magic cards? Go to a landfill

1:22:57PBS – AMERICAN EXPERIENCE – Ruthless: Monopoly’s Secret History

1:27:05Terraforming Mars – Ares Exp – Expansion

1:29:38Soda Pop games from Thundergryph

1:33:18Stonemaier shares Tabletop Games in-print vs Digital Sales totals


Endless Winter: Paleoamericans

1:42:43– Rules Gist

Endless Winter Paleo-Americans is a 1 to 4 player game designed by Stan Kordonskiy and published by Fantasia Games. At its core Endless Winter is a worker placement game with a splash of about every game mechanic you can think of including set collecting, deck building, area control and some tile placement for good measure. 

The game takes place over four rounds with eclipse periods in between (the eclipse is an income and clean up phase between rounds). On a turn you can play cards from your hand to take actions from the cards themselves or to power up the main actions on the board. Those main actions are adding members to and killing off members of your tribe, collecting culture cards that give you abilities, putting out tents and constructing villages and going hunting. 

End of game is triggered after the last eclipse phase and points are scored for the set collection of animals, the cards in your hand and the honor and burial track.

There’s a whole lot more bits and bobs to this game but just because the game is called Endless Winter doesn’t mean we need an endless gist. Now back to the studio where we review this wooly mammoth of a game.

1:44:13 – Review

2:16:02 – Ratings

Gameplay Photos

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