Episode 236: Marrakesh

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1) The Pegs discuss their recent game plays including Frosthaven, The Wolves, Retrograde and many more;

2) All the Pegs review Marrakesh!


Show Notes


01:26 – Grand Gamers Guild Contest to end on Feb.14th! Get your submissions in!

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5:17 – All the pegs go to TantrumCon! Sign up for a special event to play a game with the pegs.

7:05-Brandon is “old man vertigo”

9:23– Harper loses her phone and her mind when she can’t play Marvel Snap!

13:22– Last of US

20:39– Favorite Game Sundays

23:35– Bane is here to stay


25:57 – Frosthaven [Buy] – Publisher: Cephalofair Games; Designer: Isaac Childres; Art: Francesca BaeraldDavid DemaretAlexandr ElichevJosh T. McDowell;

36:56 – Retrograde* [Buy] – Publisher:Resonym ; Designer: Mary FlanaganMax Seidman; Art: Ann-Sophie De SteurSpring Yu;

45:29 – The Wolves* [Buy] – Publisher: Pandasaurus Games ; Designer: Ashwin KamathClarence Simpson; Art: Pauliina Linjama;

52:21 – Solar Sphere [Buy] – Publisher: Dranda Games ; Designer: Ayden LowtherSimon Milburn; Art: Igor ErshovElias Stern;



1:04:31– Hollywood 1947 KS

1:10:52Elden Ring KS follow up

1:14:35KS funding is down

1:18:29Azul Mini

1:20:41 Valentine’s Dice

1:24:31Nusfjord Big Box

1:27:13Fried Chicken Cards


1:35:24 – Rules Overview

In Marrakesh designed by Stephan Feld and published by Queen Games you are in Marrakesh trying to garner influence, profit, capture scrolls, make money…I…I don’t know.  It’s a Feld, you are trying to score the most points and have bunches of ways to do it.

The game is played over 3 seasons and each season lasts 4 rounds.  At the beginning of each season you are given 12 different Keshis.  These Keshi come in 12 different colors and represents several different things you can do in the game. Each round, each player are choosing three of their Keshis to activate different areas of the board.  Once all the players have chosen these Keshi, they are all dumped into a Keshi tower, so you never really know which of them will be available each round.  The players then draft these Keshi to put into their player board.  Essentially the more Keshi you have in an area, the more power it is when you activate. 

Some areas allow you to buy goods, which score you points and could get you more resources.  Some areas move you up tracks, which can garner more Keshi, points, or resources.  One area you can race up a river, for points, resources, or end of round abilities. Another area gives you access to abilities or end game scoring. One area lets you build city gates which gets you resources, Keshi, and you guessed it. POINTS.  Sensing a pattern?  All the areas, lets you get points, Keshi, or resources, but they each do it in very unique ways. As the game progresses these area get more and more powerful. If you fill an area completely with Keshi you get some end game scoring.  At the end of the game, whoever has the most points win. 

1:37:28 – Review

2:08:02 – Ratings

Gameplay Photos

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