Episode 226: Brazil-Imperial

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1) The Pegs discuss their recent game plays including Cascadia, Spirit Island, Ready Set Bet and many more;

2) All the Pegs review Brazil-Imperial; and

3) Look back at Ankh-Gods of Egypt.

Show Notes

02:09 – Snack contest winners announced! We are sad that nobody picked mayo…….


9:37 – GenCon talk

12:53 – PAX Unplugged

15:27 – Brandon plays games in Denver

18:58– Gaming pro-tips from Brandon

21:25– Amnesia Gaming


33:16 – Cascadia [Buy] – Flatout Games; Designer: Randy Flynn; Art: Beth Sobel;

41:56 – Concordia-Solitaria [Buy] – Rio Grande Games; Designers: Mac Gerdts & Frank Lamprecht; Art: Dominik Mayer;

48:48 – Ready Set Bet [Buy] – Alderac Entertainment Group; Designer: John D. Clair; Artists: Kirk W. BuckendorfAthena Cagle;

55:35 – Spirit Island [Buy] – Greater Than Games, LLC; Designer: R. Eric Reuss; Art: Jason BehnkeLoïc BergerLoïc BilliauKat G Birmelin, et. al.


1:05:53 – Essen Hype-Joan of Arc: Orleans, Wizard Deluxe, Uwe Rosenberg Games

1:18:18World Series of Board Gaming-final call!

1:21:21Star Wars Deck Building

1:24:27American Psycho-The Board Game

1:29:05The Fox Experiment

1:31:54– Legacy Lounge-Sagrada Legacy

1:36:29Cranium Designer Passes Away

Brazil- Imperial

1:40:48– Rules Gist

Brazil Imperial is an action selection territory building game for 1-4 players. Players play as Monarchs expanding their territory. These Monarchs offer variable player bonuses. 

The game is played over 3 eras.  At the start of the game the players are given 6 era cards (2 for each era) and must select one for each era.  That’s right I said era 3 times in one sentence.  These era cards are essentially achievements you can complete.  Once any player completes their card for an era everyone advances to the next one.  Think of the era cards as the game timer.  Once any player has completed their third and final era the game end is triggered. 

On your turn you select one of seven actions. These actions allow you to deploy troops, acquires paintings (that give you bonuses), construct buildings (that give you resources), renovate (that let you replenish resources in your territory), manufacture (which improve your actions), and harbor and trade (both allowing you to acquire resource).  These actions also each help you move your troops around the board to different terrains. Almost everything you build and deploy will give you end game points. 

There are also ways to acquire gold cards and combat cards.  Gold cards give bonuses and resources and combat cards increase your strength in battle.  If two units ever occupy the same space (or adjacent in the case of a canon) there is a combat. This is essentially comparing army strengths aided by cards and painting to see who win.  If you lose, the unit is removed from the board, but fear not, they are easy to get back out so combat isn’t too punishing. If your unit is ever in someone else’s territory, you don’t own it, you just to get to use the resources there if any. 

You do this in turn order until someone completes their era 3 three card and then everyone gets equal amount of turns.  Who ever has the most points at the end is declared victor.

1:42:55 – Deep Dive

2:15:49 – Ratings


2:23:25 – Ankh-Gods of Egypt [Buy] – CMON Global Limited; Designer: Eric M. Lang; Artists: Nicolas FructusThierry MassonAdrian Smith;

Check out our original review for GAME during Episode 204.

Gameplay Photos

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