Episode 224: Ark Nova

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1) The Pegs discuss their recent game plays including Familiar Tales, Dice Realms, Unmatched: Jurassic Park and many more;

2) All the Pegs review Ark Nova; and

3) Look back at The Initiative.

Show Notes

1:12– Contest Reminder! Win a copy of Red Cathedral and/or MicroMacro-Crime City


3:48 – Brandon’s Travels and the best travel games

16:22 – Kevin’s “Midlife Crisis”

20:32 – Spending money on board games

26:59– Kevin’s mom is proud

28:27– RDTN strike event at GenCon


32:11 – Imhotep-Duel [Buy] – KOSMOS; Designer: Phil Walker-Harding; Art: Miguel CoimbraMichaela KienleClaus Stephan;

40:41 – Dice Realms [Buy] – Rio Grande Games; Designer: Thomas Lehmann; Art: Martin HoffmannClaus Stephan;

52:23 – Familiar Tales* [Buy] – Plaid Hat Games; Designer: Jerry Hawthorne; Art: JJ AriosaVanessa MoralesFajareka SetiawanDan SmithTregis;

1:02:43 – Unmatched-Jurassic Park* [Buy] – Restoration Games; Designer: Rob DaviauJustin D. Jacobson; Art: Florian Bertmer;


1:11:26 – IUG Summit Sanity on GameFound

1:17:12The Crew choose your own adventure

1:21:27Roller Drama on steam

1:24:53AHOY from Leder Games

1:30:03– Great British Bake off RPG

1:35:52– Keyforge take back

1:36:45– Pokemon TCG Reality TV

Review of Ark Nova

1:43:06 – Rules Breakdown

Taken from BGG

In Ark Nova, you will plan and design a modern, scientifically managed zoo. With the ultimate goal of owning the most successful zoological establishment, you will build enclosures, accommodate animals, and support conservation projects all over the world. Specialists and unique buildings will help you in achieving this goal.

Each player has a set of five action cards to manage their gameplay, and the power of an action is determined by the slot the card currently occupies. The cards in question are:

  • CARDS: Allows you to gain new zoo cards (animals, sponsors, and conservation project cards).
  • BUILD: Allows you to build standard or special enclosures, kiosks, and pavilions.
  • ANIMALS: Allows you to accommodate animals in your zoo.
  • ASSOCIATION: Allows your association workers to carry out different tasks.
  • SPONSORS: Allows you to play a sponsor card in your zoo or to raise money.

1:44:49 – Review

2:15:43 – Ratings


2:22:58 – The Initiative [Buy] – Unexpected Games; Designer: Corey Konieczka; Art: David ArdilaChan ChauAndrew Brian George;

Check out our original review for The Initiative during Episode 200.

Gameplay Photos

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