Episode 223: Underwater Cities

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1) The Pegs discuss their recent game plays including Tinner’s Trail, Sagani, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns and many more;

2) All the Pegs review Underwater Cities; and

3) Look back at Embarcadero.

Show Notes

1:43 – Double Contest Announcement!

9:05– GenCon & CharCon attendance by BPPP


14:34 – Brandon, Jordan and Star Wars

19:10 – Kevin and his new house mates

24:40 – Family Vacation and Werewolf….what could go wrong

28:20– Robb’s therapy/intervention session


34:33 – Squid Inc.*[Buy] – Publisher-WizKids; Designer: Ivan Turner; Art: Matijos Gebreselassie;

39:04– Sagani*[Buy] – Publisher-Skellig Games ; Designer: Uwe Rosenberg; Art: Lukas Siegmon;

44:10 – Armonia* [Buy] – Publisher- Skellig Games ; Designer: Uwe Rosenberg ; Art: David Cochard;

47:25 – Tinner’s Trail [Buy] – Publisher-Alley Cat Games ; Designer: Martin Wallace; Art: Javier González CavaOssi Hiekkala;

56:00– Batman: The Dark Knight Returns [Buy]- Publisher- Cryptozoic Entertainment; Designer: Daryl AndrewsMorgan Dontanville; Art: N/A


1:06:42World Series of Board Gaming- Retail Store Partnership

1:09:43Red Cathedral Expansion

1:11:00Wingspan Asian Expansion

1:12:44- Keyforge Lives!

1:17:20- Clank! Catacombs

1:19:29- Heat: Pedal to the Metal

1:22:42- More Dice!

Underwater Cities

1:27:39 – Rules Gist

Underwater Cities, a 2018 card playing-city building game where players are developing future cities on the seafloor through politics, production, and SCIENCE!  The designer is Vladmir Suchy and is currently being published by Rio Grande Games.

Each player has their own player board where they are building their cities. The game is played over 3 eras (ie 10 rounds) and each eras offers different cards.  Each player starts the game with some cards and some resources as there are 5 different types.

The main action in the game is playing a card out of your hand to one of the 16 places on the board.  You do this 3 times in a round. These places get you resources, let you draw more cards, allow you to build various buildings, upgrade buildings, obtain end gaming scoring, or let you activate a card in your tableau.

Most of the places where you can play a card are colored either green, red, or orange. Which also match the card color types.  If you match the card played to the space selected you can also do the action on the card.  These also get you resource, production, or can become end game scoring.

Three times during the game there are production rounds.  Depending on the types of buildings you built and if they are connected with tunnels they will produce resources and/or points.  At the end of the production phase you also have to feed your cities or you lose points.

At the end of 10 rounds, the player who has the most points win.

Now lets find out if the Pegs thought this was a vast salt water metropolis or a pineapple under the sea when they deep dive Under Water Cities.

1:29:13 – Review

1:56:10 – Ratings


2:01:09 – Embarcadero [Buy] – Publisher-Renegade Game Studios; Designers: Adam BuckinghamEd Marriott; Art: Janos Orban;

Check out our original review for Embarcadero during Episode 199.

Gameplay Photos

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