Episode 222: Gutenberg

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1) The Pegs discuss their recent game plays including Bot Factory, Batman: Everybody Lies, Crime Zoom and many more;

2) All the Pegs review Gutenberg; and

3) Look back at City Builder: Ancient World.

Show Notes


1:12CHARCON talk

6:19 – Rogue Book

11:33 – Work Conferences, Escape Rooms and a quiver saves the day

17:25– Brandon brings the joy with No Thanks

20:11– Kevin gets sick, cheats on BPPP and sells his comics…..what?!?

26:46– Robb will be selling his MTG collection

28:59– Robb wants to do reality TV and needs your help


35:56 – Bot Factory * [Buy] – Eagle-Gryphon Games; Designer: Vital LacerdaJoão Quintela Martins; Art: Pedro Soto;

41:24– Batman: Everybody Lies *[Buy] – Portal Games ; Designer: Weronika SpyraIgnacy Trzewiczek; Art: Hanna KuikMaciej Simiński;

51:20 – Crime Zoom [Buy] – Aurora; Designer: Stéphane Anquetil; Art: Goliat GashiChristopher Matt;

56:50 – Alhambra [Buy] – Queen Games; Designer: Jo HartwigDirk HennWolfgang Panning; Art: Hans-Jörg BrehmJo HartwigDirk HennWolfgang PanningChristof Tisch;


1:06:37World Series of Board Gaming

1:10:54Great Western Trail: Argentina

1:13:43 – Terra Mystica getting a spin-off: Terra Nova

1:20:31Cyberpunk 2077 Board Game

1:26:15Dice, Dice and more Dice


1:37:33 – Rules Breakdown

Printing Technology enabled the spread of knowledge, thoughts and ideas. For this
reason the invention of printing is considered one of the pivotal global events ending the middle
At the local level, talented craftsmen and efficient entrepreneurs have a great opportunity
to develop a profitable business. The demand for books has grown, the competition is still
small, and the potential for development is unlimited!
In Gutenberg, 1-4 players take on the role of printing pioneers!
Step 1: Players Plan their actions by bidding for initiative in each of the 5 actions on the board,
developing their specialties, improving their printing houses ( which is buying these really cool
interlocking gears that give you free goodies) or obtaining the support of a powerful patron.
Step 2: Players execute their plans in initiative order – beginning with taking orders &
progressing all the way through the patronage stage, where players attempt to satisfy the needs
of publicly available patrons – the first player to satisfy their needs receives FAME from the
1) Beginning with acquiring orders, players will select an order to work toward – each
order has two parts, a printing card – where the REQUIRED components for the order
are listed and a refinement card, where items are optional, but score you BIG rewards
2) Next players will select valuable inks, which are used on the REFINEMENT piece of
each order
3) Then players select from the available printing specialties cards – these adjust your
specialty tracks and allow you to refine your orders even further
4) The 4th step is to take gears and improve your printing machine – these gears give
you bonuses that can be used once per round, but pay attention as the gears rotate
every round, changing the options that you have available
5) Finally players attempt to satisfy the needs of PUBLIC patrons – the printer who first
does so removes the card from the public display and receives FAME from the patron!
Step 3:Players fulfill orders which they are capable of completing – Each order requires a certain
assortment of typefaces, inks and specialties. While inks and specialties are optional,
specific typefaces are required for each order. The more complete the order, the more lavish
Step 4: Players prepare for the next round – refilling the board and progressing their gears.

Gutenberg is played over 6 rounds, with additional patron options becoming available with every
new round. After the 6th round, players will add points on top of their contract points and patron
points for the acquired level on the specialty track, as well as 1 point for every 3 remaining
The player with the most fame points is the winner and the most impressive printing in the
mid-15th Century! Mr. Johannes Gutenberg would be proud.

1:40:17 – Review

2:06:07 – Ratings


2:11:15 – City Builder: Ancient World [Buy] – Inside Up Games; Designer: Andrei Filip; Art: Andrew Dorland;

Check out our original review for City Builder: Ancient World during Episode 198.

Gameplay Photos

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  1. Did Robb really think that the card from Underwater Cities showed a guy in a TIE Fighter outfit? Really?!?!

    In the words of Brandon Nall, “How dare you?”


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