Episode 221-Dead Reckoning

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1) The Pegs discuss their recent game plays including Cryptid: Urban Legend, Momiji, Lockup-A roll player tale and many more;

2) All the Pegs review Dead Reckoning; and

3) Look back at Dominant Species Marine.

Show Notes


01:21 – Check in with Patrick and his recent trip to Iceland

8:35 – Robb, Harper and X-men

15:48 – Christina NOT playing Phasmaphobia

20:02-Kevin makes a new “friend”

24:16– BPPP is going to CharCon July 15th-July 17th in WV


26:56 – Momiji [Buy] – Publisher: Japanime Games; Designers: Dario MassarentiFrancesco Testini; Art: Apolline Etienne;

33:19 – Cryptid-Urban Legends [Buy] – Publisher: Osprey Games ; Designer: Hal DuncanRuth Veevers ; Art: Kwanchai Moriya ;

39:36 – Blaze [Buy] – Publisher: HeidelBÄR Games ; Designer: HeidelBÄR Games Team; Art: Nadezhda Mikryukova;

49:55 – Lockup-A Roll Player Tale * [Buy] – Publisher: Thunderworks Games ; Designer: Stan Kordonskiy ; Artists: JJ AriosaLucas Ribeiro;


59:48Asmodee Acess

1:02:20 – BG Cafe in Fredericksburg VA-Play Cafe

1:04:23 – New games on BGA

1:04:47Solar 175

1:08:10Anchorman-Improper Teleprompter

1:10:17-Deluxe Catan

1:17:37-RPG IP talk


1:25:44 – Rules Gist

Avast me mateys! Let’s set sail for your rules gist for Dead Reckoning designed by John D. Clair, Art by Ian O’Toole and published by AEG.

In this 1 to 4 player game players captain their very own pirate vessel. 

On a turn, play action or resource generating cards. The actions can be used in any order that the player desires with a hand limit of 6 cards at any given time. 

Actions include setting their sails, generating goods, attacking other player ships, spreading influence to islands, building on an island, producing on an island, buying advancements for their cards, or producing goods in harbor. 

Between their turns players can enter pirate mode which functions as an automatic combat scenario if another player stops on the same tile as you and upgrade one of the cards in their hand.

What would a pirate game be without sunken ships?! During combat players drop cubes into a battle ship functioning as a cube tower which determines the outcome of battle. It is possible to win a battle and still have your ship sink. 

If any ship has five or more damage its going down! Losing some loot and requiring 5 gold to restore the ship.

Play ends when one player collects four of the in game achievements. After a player triggers end game everyone besides that player gets one final turn. End game scoring consists of gold currently held by players on their ship and in their chest in harbor, island control and any buildings on those islands, in game achievements, ship upgrades, end game card scoring and 1 vp for each two advancements found on their cards. The most points win. Any ties are resolved by combat.

Let’s return to the studio where we’ll find out if this game is sea worthy or destined for Davy Jones’ Locker.

1:27:54 – Review

1:54:14 – Ratings


2:01:24 – Dominant Species Marine [Buy] – Publisher: GMT Games ; Designer: Chad Jensen; Art: Chad JensenChechu Nieto;

Check out our original review for Dominant Species Marine during Episode 197.

Gameplay Photos

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