Episode 216: Libertalia-Winds of Galecrest

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1) The Pegs discuss their recent game plays including The Belgian Beers Race, Clinic, Factory 42 and many more;

2) All the Pegs review Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest; and

3) Look back at Merv-The Heart of the Silk Road.

Show Notes

:53 – Four live pegs!


02:01 – PPCON Talk

4:56 – Dogs and Ham

18:17 – Joe Pilkus-Peghead Spotlight

20:45– Harper Dropping a Deuce


25:03 – The Belgian Beers Race [Buy] – Grand Gamers Guild; Designer: Michaël Boutriaux; Art: Ammo;

33:24– Skull Canyon-Ski Fest [Buy] – Pandasaurus Games; Designer: Jason KlinkeKip Noschese; Art: Gica Tam;

40:47 – Factory 42 [Buy] – Dragon Dawn Productions; Designer: Timo Multamäki; Art: Lars Munck;

47:16 – Clinic [Buy] – AVStudioGames; Designer: Alban Viard; Art: Ian O’Toole;


54:29Star Wars Villainous

56:34Spooky Carcassonne

58:13 – Southern Fried Gaming Expo-CONTEST

1:00:05- London Necropolis Railway Pre-order

1:02:33- Smash Up Disney edition

1:04:51-Faith No More RPG

Libertalia-Winds of Galecrest

1:09:45 – Rules Gist

In the world of Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest, sky pirates set sail on the winds in search of adventure, treasure, and glory. As an admiral, you command a vast and varied crew …but so do your rivals sailing other ships in the pirate fleet. Each day the fleet lands on a different island where you’ll send a crew member to collect your share of the loot, hoping they’ll return to boost your growing group of characters. A game of Libertalia takes place over three voyages (or “rounds”). Each voyage begins with Admirals (that’s you) gaining an identical set of 6 character cards. Every day during the voyage, Admirals simultaneously select 1 crew member from their hand to play. Those characters are placed on the island from lowest to highest rank – and of course, a players reputation is the pirately way to break all ties! Admirals will activate daytime abilities on those characters in ascending order, then dusk abilities and loot selection in descending order, with characters entering each player’s ship. Finally, night abilities on characters in ships activate before the crew hits the rack for some well deserved shuteye! At the end of the voyage, players will activate any anchor abilities on characters and score their loot tokens and doubloons, items banked in this faction are safe from those other pesky pirates at the table! Keeping their hands of characters that were not played, a new selection of characters are made and added to ones employ. At the end of the third voyage, Admirals reveal their final scores to determine who history will remember as the wealthiest pirate in Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest!

1:12:00 – Review

1:27:32 – Ratings


1:37:46– Merv: The Heart of the Silk Road [Buy] – Osprey Games; Designer: Fabio Lopiano; Art: Ian O’Toole;

Check out our original review for GAME during Episode 192.

Gameplay Photos

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One thought to “Episode 216: Libertalia-Winds of Galecrest”

  1. Thank you for the wonderful Peghead Spotlight! I was surprised by the folks who reached out to me that I didn’t know were Pegheads. There’s a fairly large game group at the PH Division of the Bureau.

    I love this community and I really appreciate all that you do in the gaming space…thank you, Christina, Robb, Brandon, and Kevin!!


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