Episode 214: Tabannusi-Builders of Ur

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1) The Pegs discuss their recent game plays including Marvel United, So Clover!, Trek 12-Himalaya and many more;

2) All the Pegs review Tabannusi-Builders of Ur; and

3) Look back at Praga Caput Regni.

Show Notes

1:23 – Love Poem Contest reminder!


4:04– RobbCon talk and how toddler sheets are the jam

10:17-Prepping for DND with Harper…..anything could happen

12:33-Brandon travels north and finds a good book

19:42-Kevin gets a Nintendo Switch….or does he?

24:56-BPPP has some street cred in Texas

27:02 – Robb is old school


29:58 – Marvel United [Buy] – CMON; Designer: Andrea Chiavesio, Eric Land; Art: Edouard Guiton;

38:25 – So Clover! [Buy] – Repos Production; Designer: François Romain

43:21 – Similo Spookies [Buy] – Horrible Guild; Designer: Martino ChiacchieraHjalmar HachPierluca Zizzi ; Art:Xavier Gueniffey Durin; ;

52:23 – Trek 12-Himalaya [Buy] – Pandasaurus; Designer: Bruno CathalaCorentin Lebrat ; Art: Jonathan AucomteOlivier Derouetteau


59:52EARTH Kickstarter from Inside Up Games

1:01:26Tabletop Find-It Book

1:04:12 – Oranienburger Canal (1-2 player Uwe Rosenberg from Spielworkx)

1:06:08Ravensberger invests in gamefound

1:08:36Libertalia AGAIN

1:12:20DND the musical!

Review of Tabannusi-Builders of Ur

1:16:40 – Rules Gist

Tabannusi-Builders of Ur designed by David Spada & Daniele Tascini. Published by Board and Dice. 1-4 players, 120min

Players work to build the Great City of Ur and establish themselves as powerful builders. The game consists of 5 rounds but don’t be fooled; these rounds can go quickly as the game progresses. Once all five rounds are completed, end game scoring happens. There are public decree cards which once completed players earn points and there are hidden urban cards that if completed by the end of the game earn you points. Each turn, your assistant will activate one of the 5 districts. When activating a district, you must first take a die from the district. This die matches the color of the district and serves two functions: 1) The die itself becomes a resource of its color 2) The value of the die determines which district your architect will activate on the following turn. On your turn you will choose 2 actions that are available in the district. If you are in one of the three common districts, you will place projects and turn them into buildings to score points or flood the districts in order to build gardens for points and the ability to move up the mastery tracks. If it is in the Ziggurat district you will construct houses to earn favor for huge end game scoring multipliers and allow you to advance on the mastery tracks, which is in turn going to matter when the common districts are scored.   And in the port district you can claim ships with important persistent abilities (if you’ve played Teotihuacan, it’s similar to what happens when you gain access to Technologies)  and for scoring victory points. When you’re done with actions, your assistant follows their boss, the architect, onto the next district. The moment a district is emptied of dice, a round ends and scoring will occur for that particular district.

1:18:42 – Review

1:46:04 – Ratings


1:53:56 – Praga Caput Regni [Buy] – Rio Grande Games; Designer: Vladimír Suchý; Art: Milan Vavroň;

Check out our original review for Praga Caput Regni during Episode 190.

Gameplay Photos

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