Episode 213: Gaia Project

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1) The Pegs discuss their recent game plays including Boonlake, Horrified: American Monsters, Aftermath and many more;

2) All the Pegs review Gaia Project; and

3) Look back at Paris.

Show Notes

1:16 – New Cast Talk


3:17 – Best 2 player game is remolding a bathroom?

2:52 – Christina travels to San Diego, plays a co-op with a non-gaming colleague and determines that her 4yo niece is a cheater

14:42 – Rouse Family attending TantrumCon

17:10-Oculus Talk

20:56-Another good 2pl game is Dirty Dancing

24:25-Put on your Big Boy Pants for a contest!


27:07– Boonlake [BUY]Capstone Games; Designer: Alexander Pfister ; Art: Klemens Franz ;

35:03 – Ark Nova-brief mention

37:34- – Horrified: American Monsters[Buy] – Ravensburger; Designer: Michael Mulvihill ; Art: Victor Maristane;

45:48 – Black Sonata [Buy] – Side Room Games; Designer: John Kean ; Art: John Kean;

54:55-Afternath [Buy]-Plaid Hat Games; Designer: Jerry Hawthorne; Artists: TregisJimmy Xia


1:06:24 – Portal E-Magazine-Moloch Monthly from Portal

1:08:05 – Video Games becoming board games

1:13:31EARTH-coming to Kickstarter from Inside Up Games

1:17:2485 Hours of playing DUNE

1:19:28Interesting RPG

1:22:31Yahtzee: SPAM


1:25:33 – Rules Gist

In Gaia Project, you are a unique faction with individual player powers striving to peacefully colonize the Terra Mystica galaxy. During the game, you will colonize new planets, upgrade mines into better structures, and unite planets to form federations. In addition, you will need to research and discover new technologies to improve your skills. In the end, only the best developed faction will win. The game plays over six rounds that contain unique round scoring abilities. Each player has a faction board with all their bits (and there are a lot of bits), the research board that holds all of the different standard and advanced tech tiles, and the modular game board. A round consists of four phases (income, Gaia, action and clean-up). The heart of the game is during the action phase in which players choose one of the following actions: Build a Mine- this is the expansion part of the game where players are spending ore and credits to put mines onto new discovered planets, you can start a Gaia Project which is necessary if you want to colonize an a Transdim planet,  Upgrade Existing Structures which is super important as your faction is advancing and learning new research and tech-unlocking these structures typically provide more income in the form of credits, power, resources and techs. Players can also form a Federation which is essentially connecting all of your structures together via placing satellites and gain you a super powerful federation token that provides resources but also necessary if you want to advance to the highest level of a research track. There are a ton of other actions like researching to move up on the research paths, moving your power around inside your bowls to charge them so you can spend them and then special actions, finally a player can pass. Oh wait, there are also a ton of free actions to do if you have the resources and also passive actions that can happen when other players build and upgrade adjacent to planets you have already mined. Do you expand near other factions to give you power or will you look for solitude to expand more deeply into the galaxy? Let’s head back to the studio to hear the pegs thoughts on Gaia Project. 

1:28:34 – Review

1:50:46 – Ratings


1:58:24 – Paris [Buy] – Game Brewer; Designer: Michael KieslingWolfgang Kramer; Art: Andreas Resch;

Check out our original review for Paris during Episode 189.

Gameplay Photos

4 thoughts to “Episode 213: Gaia Project”

  1. Been thinking about the Rules Gist thingy a bit lately, especially after this most recent episode.
    Now that you have a full 4 person arsenal you could skip a separate rules explanation and work the rules into more of the review in a conversational style? Have a few bullet points to hit and discuss as you discuss your usual headers during the review.
    Just a thought, but it feels like it might flow more. My two cents.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation! We are def. still trying to figure out how best to do the rules gist. We want to give some context before we start talking about the game to give that general overview feeling. I do like the idea of incorporating more of the rules into our discussion!

  2. Thank you for highlighting the Enhanced rulebook for Aftermath that I wrote. I had problem with playing the game with my family as well, that is why I started writing it as even the videos had different rules explained differently and were not consistent and didn’t cover everything.
    Btw my name is “Ali Karar” aka KARAR2K. And since I am an avid/regular listener to the podcast and know how much you like legacy lounge. You might want to check out the campaigns that I also make for games at: http://bit.ly/KararStoryMode

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