Episode 212: Corrosion

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1) The Pegs discuss their recent game plays including Mantis Falls, Masters of Renaissance: Lorenzo il Magnifico-The Card Game, Escape the Dark Castle and many more;

2) All the Pegs review Corrosion; and

3) Look back at Bonfire.

Show Notes

1:26 – Meet the new cast! Who will be completing the other corners of the square?!?!?!


17:03 – Video games!!

27:05 – Snow stories

35:29BPPP Secret Santa

37:11– Rolling Dice & Taking Names-HOT JELLY BEANS!


39:23Masters of Renaissance: Lorenzo il Magnifico – The Card Game – Published-Cranio Creations; Designer: Simone LucianiNestore Mangone; Art: Klemens FranzRoberto Grasso;

45:07Escape The Dark Castle – Published-Themeborne Ltd. ; Designer: Alex CrispinThomas PikeJames Shelton; Art: Alex Crispin;

51:30Astro Knights -Published-Indie Boards & Cards ; Designer: Nick Little (I)Will Sobel; Art: Gong Studios;

59:49Mantis Falls-Published-Distant Rabbit Games  ; Designer: Adrian Kerrihard; Art: Juli BierwirthAdrian Kerrihard;


1:09:37Legacy of Yu

1:13:07Undaunted Stalingrad

1:14:28Merchants of The Dark Road Website

1:16:46Wordle-inspired “Guess the board Game”

1:19:514000 year-old board

1:22:39CMON has got your money


1:31:23 – Rules Gist

Corrosion is a game of TIMING! In corrosion you are managing a factory of gears, machines and engines that will produce you resources and gain you points however, as with most things and time, the parts of your factory will erode away with each turn of your corrosion wheel in your factory. 

Players will have their own factory machine (with a super cool spinning corrosion wheel in the center), an engine tableau and a starting deck of engineer cards. On your turn you will either play an engineer out of your hand and execute their ability OR you will turn the corrosion wheel of your factory board. Players will also have the ability to do secondary actions during the maintenance phase of their turn. When played the engineer cards will gain you new gears, machines, engines and engineers…but WAIT other players can also copy or follow an engineer card played by other players by playing a card of the same suit and higher value. 

If you turn your corrosion wheel it triggers your factory to run so you would activate your gears and machines and return engineers to your hand BUT it also causes parts to RUST and eventually will erode off of your factory entirely. Game end is triggered when the special point supply or the award supply runs out. 

This game is full of additional spending of resources, upgrading of parts and securing end game awards but enough from me wasting your time let’s head over to the studio to hear what the pegs have to say about CORROSION.

1:33:21 – Review

2:06:10 – Ratings


2:14:55Bonfire Pegasus Spiele; Designer:Stefan Feld ; Art: Dennis Lohausen;

Check out our original review for Bonfire during Episode 188.

Gameplay Photos

One thought to “Episode 212: Corrosion”

  1. Been thinking about the Rules Gist thingy a bit lately, especially after this most recent episode.
    Now that you have a full 4 person arsenal you could skip a separate rules explanation and work the rules into more of the review in a conversational style? Have a few bullet points to hit and discuss as you discuss your usual headers during the review.
    Just a thought, but it feels like it might flow more. My two cents.

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