Episode 207: Kokopelli

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1) The Pegs discuss their recent game plays including Rorschach, Dark Ages: Holy Roman Empire, Titania Ascending and many more;

2) All the Pegs review Kokopelli; and

3) Look back at Tekhenu: Obelisk of the Sun

Show Notes

01:16 – Patrick tries to seduce us with international courtship rituals


6:18WSBG Contest reminder!

7:50 – Life changing announcement

10:20 – What’s in your basement?

17:32– Which is Worst?


30:25 – Mind MGMT [Buy] – Off The Page Games; Designer:Jay CormierSen-Foong Lim ; Art: Matt Kindt;

39:20 – Dark Ages: Holy Roman Empire [Buy] – Boards & Dice; Designer: Adam KwapińskiAndrei Novac ; Art: Joel HoltzmanZbigniew UmgelterAleksander Zawada;

46:57 – Rorschach* [Buy] – Capstone Games; Designer: Kristian Klooß; Art: Fiore GmbH, Kristian Klooß;

55:05 – Titania Ascending* [Buy] – XYZ Game Labs; Designer: Rob HuberBrendan Riley ; Art: Marty McGowan;


1:04:58 – Coyote Peterson KS Update

1:10:10 – Legacy Lounge-Risk Shadow Force

1:15:48 – Milton Bradley Game Master Series Article


1:22:51 – Rules GIST!

Kokopelli is a hand management card game by Stefan Feld and plays 2-4 players.

In the base set (there is an expansion) there are 12 different types of cards and in each game you only play with 10 of those sets.  There is a little bit of set up here as you construct each individual player deck from those sets, each set has 3 cards each, so your starting deck has 30 cards.

Players will be drawing cards and playing these cards in their play area, which consist of 4 spaces in front of them (the village) and the 2 spaces of their neighbors ( two to their left and two to their right, for a total of 8 spaces). These cards when played are called ceremonies and give some kind of ongoing ability (like giving points, drawing more cards, giving options to play more cards, breaking rules, all kinds of things).

Players can’t start a ceremony if the card already exists in their play area.  Meaning, if their neighbor has that card in their village, but it also happens to be in your play area you can’t play it.

So what do you do with that card?!?!? Players can hold it for the future, put it and the rest of their hand at the bottom of the draw deck and draw new cards, or extend a neighbors ceremonies by playing that card onto their pile.  Normally if a ceremony has 4 cards played on it, it closes, and all cards are discarded.

Players will score points (i.e. scoring chits) throughout the game in many ways but mainly when they close a ceremony.

The game ends when someone runs out of cards or a certain number of ceremonies of each type have been closed.

At that point, you add up the scoring chits and whoever has the most points wins.   

1:25:08 – Review

1:47:30 – Ratings


1:56:14 – Tekhenu: Obelisk of the Sun [Buy] – Board & Dice; Designer: Daniele TasciniDávid Turczi ; Art: Jakub FajtanowskiMichał DługajZbigniew UmgelterAleksander Zawada;

Check out our original review for Tekhenu during Episode 183.

Gameplay Photos

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One thought to “Episode 207: Kokopelli”

  1. Great episode! Robb, I wish you the best of luck and I’ll keep you in my prayers as you move forward in your discernment. I enjoy Patrick’s “Which is worst?” game. Having received Kemet recently with a torn box…torn box is my nemesis…hopefully, Funagain Games makes things right by sending a new box.

    Anyway, back to the episode…it’s great to hear that Brendan’s game is doing well on Kickstarter…I believe that I helped push it over the top! Loved the Reroll music and of course, the out takes…man, they’re great! Thanks for selecting my thoughts on Tekhenu…it’s very good!

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