Episode 202: Too Many Bones

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1) The Pegs discuss their recent game plays including Paleo, Twinkle, The Goonies: Never Say Die and many more;

2) All the Pegs review Too Many Bones; and

3) Look back at Forgotten Waters.

Show Notes

01:22 – Danielle drops some perfume knowledge on us…also how many spritzes do you use?


05:15 – Introducing our guest Danielle Standring

25:33 – Puppy life in the Rouse House

28:42 – Secret Contest winner announced!


32:46 – The Goonies: Never Say Die [Buy] – PUBLISHER: Funko Games ; Designer: Prospero Hall; Art: Eric HibbelerHenning Ludvigsen ;

38:13 – Paleo[Buy] – PUBLISHER: Hans im Glück ; Designer: Peter Rustemeyer; Art: Dominik Mayer;

48:49 – Twinkle *[Buy] – PUBLISHER: V Games; Designer: Theodore Karvounis; Art:Thomas KestisGiorgos Vassos ;

58:37 – Reapers * [Buy] – PUBLISHER: New Mill Industries ; Designer: Daniel Newman; Art: Daniel Newman ;


1:03:15 – Danielle’s new family member and first appearance at GenCon. Mask up!

1:14:35Zenobia Awards

1:18:36WSBG (world series of board gaming)

1:23:11-Dice Game over $100 (Dice Realms)

1:26:50-“We have the Dice”

Too Many Bones

1:35:25 – Rules Breakdown

Too Many bones designed by Josh and Adam Carlson and published by Chip Theory games is co-op dice chucking adventure game for 1-4 players.  Now Too Many Bones have too many rules to discuss here, so I am going to give you gist of play.  Each player plays as a Gearloc (represented by poker chips), with their own mat and set of unique dice and stats that they can level and obtain while progressing through the game.  Each Gearloc comes with their own two sided “this is how play me” guide and it chalked full of explanations, suggestions, and iconography.  I highly suggest you look over this before your first play as every gearloc plays significantly differently. The main stats you are working with Health (represented by poker chips) dexterity (which dictates how many dice you can roll on your turn) attack (which is the max amount of attack dice you can roll in combat) and defense  (which is the max amount of defense dice you can roll during combat.).  Also on your player boards are unique dice that you can obtain as you level.

To complete the set up you need to pick a Tyrant, which will tell you what type of monsters (represented by poker chips) you could run into, how many cards to dump into the encounter deck, and how many progress points you need before you can even think about taking him on.  Once the encounter deck is constructed you can begin.  Each day you flip an encounter which gives you some type of choice and usually (but not always) ends in a battle.  When a battle occurs you must calculate the battle que points by multiplying the day you are on with the amount of gearlocs you are playing.  (for example, if you are day 3 and you are playing 4 gearlocs, you have 12 BPs). Which means the longer you go, the harder the battles will get.  Monsters comes in 3 values, 20, 5 and 1.  Taking the highest value monster from your BPs, you figure out what monsters you will be up against, in the 12 point example, you would get 2 5s and 2 1s. Once monsters are placed on the battle board and initiatives are rolled, you are ready to fight.   On your turn you roll you dex value worth of dice.  Attack dice do damage, defense dice give you shield, and your unique gearloc dice do everything…I mean everything.  Every die is different.  Once you win or lose the battle you might get training points, which you can use to increase your stats or acquire new dice. At one point when you get enough progress points you can take on the tyrant you beat him you win, if you reach your day allotment, you lose.  This of course was just a tasting of the rules.  Now lets get back to the table and find out what the Pegs thought of Too Many Bones

1:38:30 – Review

2:05:15 – Ratings


2:15:40 – Forgotten Waters [Buy] – PUBLISHER: Plaid Hat Games ; Designer: Mr. BistroJ. Arthur EllisIsaac Vega ; Art: Anton FadeevNadezhda Tikhomirova;

Check out our original review for Forgotten Waters during Episode 177.

Gameplay Photos

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One thought to “Episode 202: Too Many Bones”

  1. A wonderful episode. I also now have someone new to follow on Twitter! Danielle has such wonderful energy. Loved all the laughter.
    I think I do need to check out The Goonies game, I saw it and IP based games do frequently scare me off.

    I grew up in a weirdly religious household, not a deck of cards in sight(the whole gambling thing was a huge no-no). So I had no concept of trick taking games. At 45 years old, I’ve been playing games for several decades now, and I feel that Trick Taking games have really come to prominence in the last few years. I have only recently tried trick taking games and they were Claim and Gorus Maximus. While I enjoyed the art, I struggled with the terminology and I did not enjoy the experience. I can see the appeal, especially if someone grew up with traditional card games. Comfortable, perhaps? I may try another one down the road, but for now it was a new food that didn’t agree with my taste buds. 🙂

    Overall another great episode!

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