Episode 176: Glen More II: Chronicles

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1) The Pegs discuss their recent game plays including Fort, Stellar, Sonora and many more;

2) All the Pegs review Glen More II: Chronicles; and

3) Look back at our Flip, Roll, and Write Suite.

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Show Notes

00:01:15 – Robb visits Riverworld


00:07:13 – Interview with Travis Reynolds of Queen Games

00:37:26 – #GameTopperNow Contest

00:40:30 – Patreon Contest villains


00:43:17Fort * [Buy] – Leder Games; Designer: Grant Rodiek; Art: Kyle Ferrin;

00:53:09Stellar * [Buy] – Renegade Game Studios; Designer: Ben Pinchback, Matt Riddle; Art: Tim Barton, Janos Orban;

01:02:03Outdoor Survival [Buy] – The Avalon Hill Game Co; Designer: Jim Dunnigan;

01:13:05 – A word from our sponsor: Grand Gamer’s Guild

01:14:50Tattoo Stories * [Buy] – Games by Bicycle; Designer: Eric Slauson;

01:20:00Fallout [Buy] – Fantasy Flight Games; Designer: Andrew Fischer, Nathan I. Hajek; Art: Andrew Fischer, Nathan I. Hajek, Brian Schomburg, Evan Simonet, Ben Zweifel;

01:30:50Sonora * [Buy] – Pandasaurus Games; Designer: Rob Newton; Art: Tom Goyon


01:40:15 – Happy retirement, Stephen Buonocore

01:41:38Unmatched Design Contest

01:44:01Kids on Brooms RPG

01:46:01Gen Con Online

01:47:47Legacy Lounge: Personal Space

Glen More II: Chronicles

01:53:23 – Rules Breakdown

Glen More II: Chronicles is a 2 to 4 player tile-laying and resource management game designed by Matthias Cramer, with art by Jason Coates and Hendrik Noack, and published in 2019 by Funtails.  In Glen More II, players will collect tiles to expand their Scottish territory, and in doing so collect and spend resources, recruit historical figures, and advance along a Clan board for various benefits.

The core mechanism of the game is the tile rondel.  Players will advance forward – never backwards – around this rondel to select the tile they want to add in their territory, keeping in mind that the player furthest back on the rondel will always be the active player.  Thus, a player may jump far ahead on the rondel to collect a choice tile, but will give up all the tiles they passed over to players behind them in turn order.

Once a player collects a tile they may add it to their territory adjacent or diagonal to any existing tile upon which that have a Scotsman meeple.  Actions on the new tile are triggered, along with the actions on any surrounding tiles.  Actions will include collecting resources, exchanging resources for points, brewing whisky, and moving Scotsman meeples around your territory, among others.

New to Glen More II are Person tiles representing historical figures from Scottish history.  These tiles are not added to your territory, but are rather set aside and will allow the player to advance along several paths on the Clan board.  Here, players will move into spaces that will grant them special one-time or ongoing benefits.

As players advance along and select tiles from the rondel, new tiles are added from a stack.  Once the stack is empty, the round ends and scoring is calculated.  Players will score points based on how much they own of various resources compared to the least amount of that resource owned by any player.  Players will score whisky barrels, person tiles, Scotsmen meeples in the home castle, and landmark cards.

The game plays out over four rounds using four different stacks of tiles that each add more complex options to the tiles as well as more modern Persons to the game.  At the end of the fourth round, final scoring is calculated and the winner determined.

Glen More II: Chronicles adds additional elements to the game through its 8 mini expansions, small boxes that add additional narrative elements, rules, tiles, components, and such to the game as players wish, including combining more than one Chronicle for a single game.

01:55:56 – Review

02:17:03 – Ratings


02:23:45Cartographers [Buy] – Thunderworks Games; Designer: Jordy Adan; Art: Luis Francisco, Lucas Ribeiro;

02:28:12Lanterns Dice [Buy] – Renegade Game Studios; Designer: Chris Bryan; Art: Jason D. Kingsley, John Shulters, Beth Sobel;

02:29:59Rolled West [Buy] – Tasty Minstrel Games; Designer: Daniel Newman; Art: Adam P. McIver, Ariel Seoane;

Check out our original review for this Flip, Roll, and Write Suite during Episode 151.

Gameplay Photos

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