Contest: Board Game Box Art

It’s time to put on your big-boy pajama pants and WIN SOME GAMES!

Send use your best board game box cover art recreation using whatever you have around the house – you, your children, the curtains, random fruit, anything you can find.

Send it to us via email at, post it to Twitter and tag us, or post it on our Facebook page. We’ll pick our three favorite entries and post them to Twitter with a poll to let the Peghead nation vote for their favorite!

Deadline for entries is May 26th at midnight. The Twitter poll will go up June 1st and run for a week. Winner will receive a $50 gift card to your FLGS, runners-up will get a game from our collection.

This contest is inspired by the recent Art History Challenge promoted by many museums during the stay-at-home period. Click the link for inspiration.

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