Peghead Spotlight: Power to the Meeple

Power to the Meeple is more than a online store: it’s a community. Join is thanking Patreon supporter Power to the Meeple with a Peghead Spotlight!

Visit Power to the Meeple at Check out our discussion of them during Episode 155.

Our Patreon backers help make our work possible, so we’re always happy when we get to lift them up to tell their stories during our Peghead Spotlight statement. Power to the Meeple is a game store focused on supporting board gamers – through fair pricing and community building that takes advantage of what we all love about games: Bringing people together. Click the link above to visit their store, and below we want to share their own words about their promise to their customers and the community in general:

Putting People First

At Power to the Meeple we promise to always put people first. To us that means three things:

1. Responsive Communication

Our store exists to serve you. Have a question about a product? Want to place a special order? Need a recommendation for a game? Have a question about a policy or practice? Contact us. Message us on FB, DM us on Instagram, or email me at All messages to our store go right to a person, we won’t hide behind a blind inbox and the buck stops with me. 

2. Fair & Transparent Pricing

Power to the Meeple is a business, so we have to make some profit or the whole thing goes away, but our prices will always be fair & transparent. When pricing our products we compare with other online retailers and always try to price as competitively as we can without losing our shirts.

3. Community Building

Community building encompasses a lot of things. First, we want to form authentic community with our customers. We want to engage with you on social media, we want to see your pictures of enjoying our games, and we want to have conversations with you on our Board Game Geek Guild.

Second, we don’t want to create competition with the Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS). To grow this hobby, publishers, distributors, brick & mortar stores, direct online stores, and game board players all need to work together to keep gaming accessible and approachable to new players. FLGS’ provide an opportunity for in-store play and events that online stores can’t replicate. We WANT you to support where you game…and we want you to buy from us 🙂 (I don’t think these things are mutually exclusive). There are many board game players who live long distances from the nearest game store, or can’t afford MSRP pricing, or don’t have a “good” board game store in their town. Everyone deserves the opportunity to join in this fantastic hobby of ours and we want to play our role in helping make that possible.

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