Bonus Episode 5: Designer Deep Dive- Imperius by Grant Rodiek


During this Designer Deep Dive, we speak with Grant Rodiek (designer of Cry Havoc, Hocus, and more) about his upcoming title by Kolossal Games, Imperius. Imperius is a card drafting, bluffing game where players play cards in order to exert strength and earn favor and in support of their efforts to gain victory, capture control, and avoid assassination. We talk to Grant about his design theories and practices as well as the art and craft of board game design. This in-depth and illuminating conversation focuses upon the design of a single board game, exploring everything from design philosophy, prototyping, play-testing, presenting an idea to publishers, and bringing a a design to production (or in this case,kickstarter).
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To learn more about Imperius, click here.
To check out Imperius’ BGG page, click here.
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Click here to check out articles on game design, at Hyperbole Games.
NOTE: We were not compensated for this interview and the substance of our content was not directed in any way by Kolossal Games or any other third-party.

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  1. Great discussion, Patrick! I like these, as a designer/developer to get a sense of how others in the industry think about particular aspects of the design process; what they focus on and what they ignore; and what do they do to maintain that high level if passion, so necessary in this hobby-cum-industry. You don’t have folks work a 40-50 hour a week job and come home and dabble in life insurance or surgical practices.

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