Episode 103- Wasteland Express Delivery Service


In this week’s episode:
1) The Pegs discuss recent news and a recent game plays including Armageddon, Century: Spice Road, Unlock!; and
2) Review the pick up and deliver game Wasteland Express Delivery Service.
Click here for game play photos and show notes.
To access the direct download, click here.
Certain of the aforementioned reviews derive from a copy of the reviewed game which was provided by the publisher, free of charge.

One thought to “Episode 103- Wasteland Express Delivery Service”

  1. Great episode! I’m even moire pleased having backed Isaac’s Founders of Gloomhaven as it has, according to Robb, a Concordia-like feel to it. I’m still catching-up on my episodes, but wanted to let you know that I’m sorry that I can’t join in the fun tomorrow night as Kat and I are heading to see REO Speedwagon and STYX!

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