Episode 79- Junk Art and GenCon 2016, CONTEST!

BPPP Junk Art and GenCon 2016 (click on the text to the left to listen)
During this weeks episode:
1) The Pegs discuss their experiences from and the games they saw at GenCon 2016; and;
2) All the Pegs review the family style dexterity game from Z-Man/Pretzel Games.
Click Here for Game Play photos and show notes.
CONTEST- Thanks for the “Meme-ories” (click here or here to post your entry)
Want to win a $50 gift card from coolstuffinc? Then post a Blue Peg, Pink Peg related meme in the space below (or Twitter to @bluepegpinkpeg). One entry per person. A winner will be drawn at noon Eastern Time on August 26, 2016, so that gives you two weeks. The winner will also be entered in a DICE TOWER NETWORK drawing to win an additional $1000 gift card.
If you want to make a meme you can head to the following link for help.https://imgflip.com/memegenerator. Here are all the entries from last year.https://bluepegpinkpeg.com/thanks-for-the-meme-ories-2015/

Remember, like last year, each of the Pegs will be picking their favorite. Then we will play a game to determine a winner. Pandering will probably help you. Or humor….or creativity. and again ONE ENTRY PER PERSON!!!!!
Certain of the aforementioned reviews derive from a copy of the reviewed game which was provided by the publisher, free of charge.