Episode 43: Castles of Mad King Ludwig and Game Purchase Decision Making

BPPP Castles of Mad King Ludwig and Game Purchases (click on the text to the left to listen) castles of mad During this weeks episode:

1) All of the Pegs discuss Robb’s Northern Virginia board game isolation, and provide mini reviews of Mansion of Madness: Call of the Wild, The Great Fire of London and Pandemic: The Cure among others.

2) Review Bezier Games’ tile laying game, Castles of Mad King Ludwig.

3) And disclose how they decide when to purchase a game.

Certain of the aforementioned reviews derive from a copy of the reviewed game which was provided by the publisher, free of charge.

Click here for show notes and game play photos.

3 thoughts to “Episode 43: Castles of Mad King Ludwig and Game Purchase Decision Making”

  1. It’s been a while since I played it, but Patrick I think you forgot to mention something about the components of Great Fire of London. Don’t the firefighter cones fit really nicely over the fire cones – Christina will love that about it (if nothing else)

  2. Hello, BPPP!

    I’m listening to a number of your podcasts ~ you make both my commutes and my Saturday mornings great and I thank you for that. As I’m listening to this one, however, I heard Rob mention that he visited Northern VA. I certainly invite any all BPPP (or even GP) to stop by for a game and a meal if you’re ever back in the Northern VA area.


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