Episode 12: Lost Legends/Board Game Gifting

Click On The Clip Below To Listen To The Twelfth Episode Of Blue Peg, Pink Peg
BPPP Lost Legends and Board Game Gifting
During this week’s episode:
1) Patrick and Robb reveal out factions contest winner, discuss our incredible listeners, review Going, Going Gone and discuss recent gaming news.
2) The guys and the girls review Queen Games’ Lost Legends.
3) All of the Pegs discuss tactics for buying Board Games as gifts.
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  1. So you said that you do not have a FLGS in Northern Virginia. Not sure how close you are to the DC metro area but I live in DC and Labyrinth Games is amazing! Super friendly and knowledgeable staff and they have weekly game nights (thursday) with lots of demo games. Check it out.

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