Episode 9: Nothing Personal/Negotiation Board Games

Click On The Clip Below To Listen To The Ninth Episode Of Blue Peg, Pink Peg

Episode 9- Nothing Personal & Negotiation Games


During this week’s episode:

1) Patrick and Robb discuss their recent game plays including some epic gaming sessions and game previews.

2) The guys and the girls review Tom Vasel and Stephen Avery’s Nothing Personal.

3) The guys and the girls talk about negotiation board games.

Click here for show notes.


4 thoughts on “Episode 9: Nothing Personal/Negotiation Board Games

  1. Hi, peg guys and peg gals, listening to the discussion on Nothing Personal, and I just got to the point where you were talking about the score track. You’re right, it is small and really easy to bump the meeples. I suggest laying the meeples down flat (as opposed to standing them up on thier “feet”) to lessen the impact of bumping the board because they will have more surface area in contact with the board so they are less likely to move. You can then also stack the meeples top of each other when two or more meeples are on the same space, eliminating some of the space issue. (It’s still kind of tight.)

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