Show Notes: Episode 95- RobbCon 2017

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1:00- Robb hits us with some trivia about the 95 year phenom, Betty White.
2:50- We talk about the lead up and consequences of RobbCon 2017.
8:00- The guys talk about playing Insider. [BGG]
17:25- Jeremy and Patrick get off to a hot start playing The Great Zimbabwe. [buy] [publisher]
27:03- Robb gets his kickstarter regret fever as he plays Anachrony. [BGG] [publisher]
34:00- Patrick and Jeremy are impressed by a smallish area control game, Ethnos. [buy] [publisher]
44:09- Patrick feels the pain playing The Gallerist. [buy] [publisher]
48:21- Robb suffers some Star Wars: Destiny defeat. [buy] [publisher]
50:40- Robb gets his amusement park construction hat on an plays Unfair. [buy] [publisher]
56:00- Patrick is surprised by Super Motherload. [buy] [publisher]
1:00:44- Jeremy heads into the abyss as he plays Dominant Species. [buy] [publisher]
1:04:07- Patrick finds his happy place playing Railroad Revolution. [buy] [publisher]
1:09:18- Patrick and Robb are infinitely impressed with Forbidden Stars. [BGG]
Bumper Music: I Alone by Live
1:19:15- We all say good bye to Robb for 9 hours as he plays The Colonists. [buy] [publisher]
1:30:54- Patrick is disappointed in Vast: The Crystal Caverns. [buy] [publisher]
1:38:30- Jeremy talks about one of Patrick all time favorite games, Shogun. [buy] [BGG]
1:44:50- Patrick is disappointed with Colosseum (though admits the name probably needs some more plays). [buy] [BGG]
1:50:56- The guys degrade themselves playing Joking Hazard. [buy]
1:55:50- Robb and Isaac (Patrick was there too) battle it out playing Seasons. [buy] [publisher]
1:57:13- Isaac becomes the Terra Mystica King. [buy] [publisher]
1:58:00- The guys wax poetic about Terraforming Mars. [buy] [publisher]
2:00:19- Patrick and Jeremy regale the strengths of Nippon. [buy] [publisher]
2:05:44- Jeremy has great things to say about Mythotopia. [BGG]
2:13:32- The guys are fairly unimpressed with Captain Sonar. [buy] [publisher]
2:22:51- The guys discuss an initial and disappointing play of Roll Player. [buy] [publisher]