Show Notes: Episode 91- The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire

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Peg Catch Up

1:09- Robb hits us with a little trivia about the anime mob drama, 91 Days.
3:06- We announce the winner of our Stronghold Games sponsored, Great Western Trail contest. Congrats to Alex Singh.
4:15- Christina tells us about some tile laying goodness, thanks to a kind hearted PegHead, Sanssouci. (buy) (BGG)
9:08- Patrick discusses another tile laying game worth a look, Cacao. (buy) (publisher)
14:30- Jeremy give a preview of a game that you are likely to hear more about in the future, Barcelona: Rose on Fire. (buy) (publisher)
19:21- Robb continues the saga of Star Wars: Destiny. (buy) (publisher)

This photo was taken without the befit of a perch arm.

26:01- Patrick talks about a small and tight 2 player game, Hanamikoji. (buy) (publisher)
31:16- Jeremy give his thoughts on the civilization building game, Sid Myers: Civilization. (buy) (publisher)
37:21- Robb and Christina share their thoughts on the Spiel deh Jahres nominee Karuba. (buy) (publisher)
45:00- Patrick talks about a reprint of a small footprint area control game, Masques. (buy) (publisher)
51:39- Jeremy talks about guiding a group of 13 year boys through the zombie apocalypse. (buy) (publisher)
56:31- Christine gets an itchy pledgefinger and backs Delve and considers backing Subterra. (back Delve) (Delve BGG) (back Sub Terra) (Sub Terra BGG)
1:01:43- Patrick discusses the upcoming kickstarter for 12 Realms: Dungeonland and rolls out a contest to win a copy of Wrong Chemistry.
1:07:21- Robb discusses the trick taking game Trickster (not Tricksters) that is now funding on kickstarter. (back) (BGG)
1:12:15- Robb talks about getting is copy of Gloomhaven. (BGG) (publisher)
1:13:24- Jeremy tells you how you can get a free copy of the Sheep faction for Smash-Up. (click here to take the survey)
1:15:20- Jeremy give us a review of the novel set within the Star Realms universe.
1:19:19- We thank some more of our iTunes reviewers and Patreon backers.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

Bumper Music- Electric Boogie performed by Marcia Griffiths.
1:23:28- Patrick provides a rules breakdown of The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire. (buy) (publisher)
Bumper Music- Electric Avenue performed by Eddy Grant.
1:27:04- All of the Pegs and Patreon backer Steve Combs review The Manhattan Project: Energy Empire.  (buy) (publisher)

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-Roll

Bumper Music- Bad Moon Rising by Clearwater Credence Revival.
2:00:56- All of the Pegs revisit Dark Moon. (stays the same) (to read what the PegHeads think of Dark Moon click here).