Show Notes: Episode 88- Tikal and The Lists

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Peg Catch-Up

1:16- Robb tells us about the make up of the Dead Man’s Hand, which includes two 8s.
3:27- The Pegs offer their thanks to Patreon Backer, Levi Bushue for his gracious Christmas gift.
5:36- Yep, it’s Star Wars, Robb bemoans being unable to get a copy of Star Wars: Destiny from his NSFLGS. (to buy) (publisher)
8:24- Patrick discusses an small card game with some interesting mechanics (and vaaahhhh vahhhh vahhhh  voooomm art work) Stones of Fate (NOT Power Stones). (to buy) (publisher)
13:18- Patrick reviews the surprising deckbuilder, Valley of the Kings: Last Rites. (to buy) (publisher)
16:20- Robb and Jeremy discuss the tactics of a game they really enjoy, Through the Ages: 2nd Edition. (to buy) (publisher)
24:00- Patrick talks about a game that has been redeemed for him through its latest expansion, Evolution: CLIMATE. (to buy) (publisher)
31:36- Jeremy recounts his thoughts of the story telling game Cthulhu’s Vault. (to buy) (publisher)
36:20- Jeremy puzzles over a disappointing and chaotic title, Apocalypse Chaos. (to buy) (publisher)
40:00- Patrick discuss a great two player evergreen title, Schotten Totten. (to buy) (publisher)
45:20- Kicked of by a new intro created by Johannes Lindrupsen of Board Game Ramblings, the Pegs discuss their good friend Brett St. Pierre in this week’s PegHead Spotlight.
51:00- Annnnnd…. it’s Kingdom Death: Monster. (kickstarter)
54:20- The Pegs preview the launch of CMON’s newest adventure title, The World of Smog: Rise of Moloch. (publisher)
56:24- Patrick salivates over the upcoming title, The Colonist. (to buy) (publisher)

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

Bumper Music- Holiday Road by Lindsey Buckingham
59:16- Patrick provides a rules breakdown of the PegHead selected classic title, Tikal. (to buy) (publisher)
Bumper Music- Noble Cazador by Dave Soldier featuring Seeds of Knowledge
1:01:30- The Pegs (plus PegHead Tahsin Shamma contributor to Board Game Quest) review Tikal.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-Roll

Bumper Music- I Love Star Wars Anyway by 3d6
1:30:35- All of the Pegs re-visit Star Wars: Imperial Assault. (click here to read what the PegHeads had to say about this title). (to buy) (publisher)
ImpAssault (4)

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Discussion

Bumper Music- Listomania by Phoenix
1:36:10- We provide a little whimsical ad support for one of our Patreon Backers in support of his title Creepiest Pet Shop. (to buy) (kickstarter, already launched)
1:38:00- All of the Blue Pegs provide some random list of board game “related” topics.