Show Notes: Episode 80- Cry Havoc and Our Still Gotta' Get/Play List

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Peg Catch Up

1:15- Robb describes for us why 1980’s video game release of Pac-Man is actually a horror show.
3:59- The Pegs announce the winner of the Dice Tower/Cool Stuff Inc. “Thanks for the Meme-ories” Contest. (to see all of the entries)

GREAT ENTRIES! We have a winner, who will be announced in our episode releasing tomorrow morning.
CONTEST- Thanks for…
Posted by Blue Peg, Pink Peg Gaming Podcast on Monday, August 15, 2016

7:05- The Pegs announce the near completion of their Top 50 Lists. (to read our list)
8:58- Patrick review a suite of trivia games, including Box of Rocks, Mr. Lister’s Quiz Shoot-Out & the gem of the bunch, America.  (Box of Rocks publisher page/to buy) (Mr. Lister publisher page/to buy) (America publisher page) (America to buy)
16:12- Jeremy talks again about Adventure Maximus and recommends a recent episode of Boards Alive, where they discussing playing RPG’s with kids.  (Board’s Alive) (publisher page) (to buy)
18:14- Jeremy talk about the wonderful anxiety that is Cat Tower.  (publisher page) (to buy)
19:50- Jeremy discuss a dice rolling game that his daughter has claimed as her own, Play Me.  (publisher page) (to buy)
21:43- Christina talks about one of her GenCon acquisitions, Potion Explosion.  (publisher page) (to buy)
23:24- Robb talks about playing the latest expansion for Stockpile, Continuing Corruption.  (publisher page) (to buy)
25:07- Robb discusses his fruitless effort to get a full set of beetle tiles while playing Costa Rica.  (publisher page) (to buy)
27:50 Robb and Christina talk about their frustration with the card play game, Dungeon Busters.  (publisher page) (to buy)
31:00- Robb discusses his recent plays of the campaign game, The Undercity.  (publisher page) (to buy)
32:30- Jeremy recounts his adventures in the dystopia as he played Salvation Road.  (publisher page) (to buy)
38:49- Patrick goes over some of his recent family plays of the cooperative game, Kreo.  (publisher page) (to buy)
42:08- Patrick recommends a good camping game, Condinca. (publisher page) (to buy)
45:13- Christina gives a shout of to one of our newest regional con’s Washing-Con. (to register)
46:37- Robb gets back into the kickstarter swing with his discussion of the oddly themed, Endangered Orphans. (to back)
49:27- Patrick starts anticipating this years Essen releases as he discusses Martin Wallace’s latest release, The Arrival.
52:48- Patrick shares the upcoming expansion to one of the Pegs favorite games, Deus, Deus: Egypt.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

Bumper Music- What’s New Pussycat performed by Tom Jones.
55:45- Patrick breaks down the rules for Cry Havoc. (publisher page) (to buy)
Bumper- A clip form Marlon Brando’s performance of the role of Marc Anthony in Julius Caesar.
59:00- All of the Pegs review Cry Havoc, by Portal Games.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-Roll

Bumper Music- Tell it Like It Is by
1:30:40- All of the Pegs re-visit Rattle, Battle, Grab the Loot.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Discussion

Bumper Music- Can’t Get Started as performed by Ella Fitzgerald.
1:34:44- All of the Pegs discuss the games that they can’t seem to bring themselves to buy or play. (To see the Guild discussion that prompted this topic, click here.)