Show Notes: Episode 76- The Networks and Origins 2016

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Peg Catch Up

1:14- Robb tells us about Geronimo a beaver who led the parachuting charge for 76 displaced beavers.


4:59- Jeremy tells us about his newest game, Put Together the IKEA Kitchen.

5:32- Jeremy discusses how his girlfriend saved the day by suggesting they play the tile laying game Graveyards, Ghosts, and Haunted Houses.


8:36- The Pegs bid farewell to Jeremy as they take off on their Origins 2016 adventure.

9:12- The Pegs discuss their drive through the wilds of West Virginia, in route to Columbus, Ohio.

The Second day on the road

13:17- Robb discusses his misgivings about Rio Grande’s commitment to the barker atmosphere as he shares his first buy of Origins, Dominion: Empires.


15:39- All of the Pegs discuss their first play of the impressive, Mystic Vale by AEG. (to buy) (publisher game page)

Robb did not take Christina’s advice

21:20- The Pegs discuss failure and success in their plays of CMON’s The Grizzled and its new expansion, At Your Orders. (to buy) (publisher game page)


23:11- Robb and Christina discuss their affection for the table top version of Candy Crush by CMON, Potion Explosion. (to buy) (BGG game page)


24:22- All of the Pegs explore their internal prejudices and pre-conceptions as they play CMON’s Unusual Suspects. (not available at retail) (BGG game page)

Unusual Suspects (not final art)

29:42- We talk about the awesome Woodworking Sheriff, his backpack jerky (made with Burky’s Happy Mouth), and their visit to the board game cafe, Kingmakers.


31:45- It has come at last, The Meeting.


33:15- Patrick talks about his game of the Con, Guilds of London by TMG. (to buy) (BGG game page)


35:00- The Pegs discuss their incredible experience demoing games with the PegHeads at the Stronghold Game’s booth.

Teaching Piratoons

36:00- Robb talks about being won over by Stronghold Games’ Bear Valley. (to buy) (publisher game page)

Giving Bear Valley a go

38:07- Patrick talks about playing the chaotic space combat game, Stronghold Games’ Stellar Conflict. (to buy) (publisher game page)


40:41- Robb and Christina talk about playing Portal Game’s Crazy Karts with Tony of Rolling Dice & Taking Names. (to buy) (publisher game page)


43:28- Patrick talks about the fun and chaotic cooperative game by Renegade Game Studio, Fuse. (to buy) (publisher game page)


45:25- All of the Pegs talking about Z-Man Games incredible dexterity game, Junk Art. (to buy) (publisher game page)


51:26- Patrick talks about some of his Origins name mix ups.

52:55- The Pegs talk about The Secret Cabal Meet-Up, including plays of Happy Salmon and Strike. (to buy Happy Salmon) (publisher game page for Happy Salmon) (Strike not available at retail) (BGG game page for Strike)

Playing Happy Salmon

57:50- The Pegs talk about hanging out with Brandon of The Brawling Brothers, including a play of Smirk & Daggers’ Dead Last. (to buy) (publisher game page)

orignal photo for twitter account of Brawling Brothers

1:02:05- Rob and Christina recount playing KOSMOS’ spiel deh jahres nominee, Imhotep. (to buy) (publisher game page)


1:04:49- Patrick discusses his plays of his son’s new favorite game, iello’s Sea of Clouds. (to buy) (publisher game page)


1:07:22- The Pegs talk about their new Canadian friend, Shaun including the ideal Shaun Game, Monster Torte (Monster Bake in the US). (to buy) (publisher game page)


1:11:00- The Pegs discuss being impressed by CGE’s Codenames: Pictures. (to buy) (BGG game page)

If you did art for the game please contact us

1:20:04- The Pegs discuss the dread (in a good way) associated with playing Osprey Game’s Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space. (to buy) (publisher game page)

1:25:17- Patrick discusses taking the kickstarter plunge, back TMG’s Yokohama. (to back on kickstarter through July 15, 2016) (BGG game page)

1:27:18- The Pegs wrap up their Origin’s 2016 experience.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

Bumper Music- Staying Alive by the Bee Gee’s
1:30:00- Patrick provides a walk through for Formal Ferret Game’s The Networks. (to buy) (publisher game page)
Bumper Music- A scene from Network.
1:31:58- All of the Pegs review The Networks.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-Roll

Bumper Music- Perfect by One Direction
1:55:00- All of the Pegs revisit Terra Mystica. (a slight upgrade).