Show Notes: Episode 74- Antarctica

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Peg Catch Up

1:19- Robb fills us in on the premutations of a game created in 1974, Dungeons and Dragons.

A picture of a thing once owned by Patrick, but thrown away by Patrick’s mother.

3:47- Robb fills us in on the results of the trivia survey.

4:22- Robb tells us about his newest Pathfinder buddy, care of The Benfactor Bernard.


5:00- Robb ask the Pegs about their promotional product preferrences.

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7:48- Christina fills us in on her weekend in Raleigh where she played Legendary, New York: 1901, and Five Tribes with a listener, all by using the game selection tool, I Don’t Know, What Do You Want to Play?

13:14- Christina sings the praises of Raleigh’s Game Theory.


15:00- Robb and Christina tells us about the simple set collection game, Just Desserts.


16:10- Robb and Chirsitna tells us about the new Voluspa, The Dwarf King by iello. (which is back in stock, BTW).

18:00- Robb and Chrsitina tells us about the Spiel deh Jahres recommended game, Animals on Board by Stronghold Games.


22:25- Jeremy fills us in on a similarly themed family game by Portal Games, My Happy Farm.


26:16- Jeremy tells us about the economic manipulation game by GaGa Games, Port of Piraeus.


29:18- Jeremy recounts an upsetting game play experience, playing Game Salute’s Legends’ of the American Frontier.


37:58- Patrick talks about a slight press your luck game by Mayday Games (not Crash as stated in the recording), Dead Man’s Draw.

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41:42- Patrick and Robb discuss the merits of the slight luck based family game, Tally Ho!


43:56- Patrick give a few moving tips to gamers, including recomendations about the best box size for packing games.


46:51- Patrick previews an exciting new title in the Time Stories line, Expedition: Endurance.


49:06- Robb and Jeremy talk about the race to be the first to get their copy of Scythe along with the finalized expansion, Invaders from Afar.

51:51- The Pegs discuss their upcoming contest. If you are heading to Origins Game Fair be sure to join us on Thursday, June 16 between 1 and 3 pm to demo new games by Stronghold Games at the demo space at the intersection of Halls C and D and be entered for a chance to win those games, during a live drawing to be held on Friday, June 17 at 1 pm at the Stronghold Games booth.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

Bumper Music- When Will I Learn by The Hippos.
54:31- Patrick provides a rules breakdown for the area control game, Antarctica.
Bumper Music- The Cold Part by Modest Mouse.
56:50- All of the Pegs review Antarctica.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-Reroll

Bumper Music- I, Palindrome, I by They Might Be Giants.
1:26:07- All of the Pegs re-visit Panamax by Stronghold Games. (slight downgrade)