Show Notes: Episode 70- Mombasa and Buonocore Hot Seat

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Peg Catch-Up

:57- Robb tells us a little about the life of a copyright under United States law, 70 years. (click here to learn a little about the copyright fight over Happy Birthday to You)
3:42- All of the Blue Pegs discuss the experience that is RobbCon 2016.

12:58- Patrick talks about the fact that he respects, but may not enjoy Neanderthal by Sierra Madre Games.
conrob2016 (1)
18:23- Robb shares the joy of discovering the unique trick taking game by iello, The Dwarf King.
conrob2016 (2)
22:07- Jeremy shares his thoughts on the route planning pick up and deliver game, Kings of Air & Steam by Tasty Minstrel Games.
robcon16pics (18)
27:20- Patrick puzzles over the hit game, Food Chain Magnate. (if you would like to play online, click here)
conrob2016 (3)
35:15- Robb talks about his Boxtop games of Terra Mystica and the Daedalus Productions insert.
37:20- All of the Pegs recount the divisive experience of playing Z-Man Games’ Knit Wit.
robcon16pics (12)
43:02- Robb raves about the experience of Glory to Rome.
conrob2016 (4)
47:23- All of the Pegs discuss the hate fest that is Dominant Species.
conrob2016 (5)

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

Bumper Music- Nasema Nawa by Diamond.
1:01:00- Patrick provides a brief summary of the core mechanics of Mombasa.
Bumper Music- Sura Yako by Sauti Sol
1:02:56- All of the Peg’s review Mombasa.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-Roll

Bumper Music- Back in the USSR by The Beetles
1:40:37- All of the Pegs re-visit St. Petersburg (no movement) (click here for the PegHead thoughts on St. Petersburg).

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Topic

Bumper Music- Hot, Hot, Hot by Buster Poindexter and the Banshees of Blues
1:47:33- All of the Pegs welcome the First Honorary Peg, Stephen Buonocore of Stronghold Games to the BPPP Hot Seat.