Show Notes: Episode 67- Kingdom Death: Monster and Women Representations in Games

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Peg Catch Up

1:50- Robb tells us how you can increase the number of “intimacy events” you have with your partner by 67%. (According to an entirely unbiased research source.)
3:15- Jeremy tells us about his Valentine’s Day and how it reflects upon his old and decrepit body.
5:27- Jeremy recounts his plays of one of Legendary’s most recent expansions, Secret Wars.
7:25- Robb tells us about buying coo-coo birds while playing Catan Junior with his baby girl.
10:36- Robb and Christina discuss their plays of a recent social deduction game, Deception: Murder in Hong Kong.
15:53- Patrick gushes over one of the latest Martin Wallace titles, Ships.
20:53- Patrick troubles over some failings in a game he otherwise enjoyed, Walnut Grove.
26:53- Jeremy discusses Porta Nigra by Stronghold Games (in what apparently kicked off a Stronghold Games Rock Block. FWIW- We are NOT sponsored in any way by Stronghold Games.)
33:57- Robb anticipates a reworking of an old Stefan Feld title, to be published by Stronghold Games, Jorvik in conjunction with eggertspiele.
36:13- Patrick previews the upcoming Stronghold Game’s title, Terraforming Mars.
40:26- Patrick previews an upcoming iello title by one of his favorite young designers, Théo Rivière, Sea of Clouds.
44:27- Christina discuss the stunning game that incorporates technology in a unique dexterity game, Fabulous Beast.
47:42- Patrick leads an assessment of Blue Peg, Pink Peg on the likability index conceived by Jamey Stegmaier.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

Bumper Music- Learn to Fly by The Foo Fighters.
55:00- Robb provides a rules breakdown of Kingdom Death: Monster.
Bumper Music- Bodies by Drowning Pool.
1:04:33- All of the Pegs review Kingdom Death: Monster.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-Roll

Bumper Music- We Sink by Chvrches.
2:03:25- All of the Pegs revisit CO2.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Discussion

Bumper Music- Salute by Little Mix.
2:07:25- All of the Pegs discuss the various ways that women are represented in gaming.