Show Notes: Episode 64-Tail Feathers & 2016 Predictions/Resolutions

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Peg Catch-Up

2:10- Robb tells us about the Russian chess magazine 64.

An image of the award giving during the “Chess Oscars”, via chess news

3:14- Robb previews Blue Peg, Pink Peg’s eventual patreon campaign.

4:24- Robb thanks his very generous BGG Secret Santa, a recounts his haul.

Secret Santa haul

5:20- Robb thanks the ever talented Wood Working Sheriff (or Board Game Theatre) for a wonderful gift.

5:52- Robb reminds us all, “Don’t Be an AJ”.

6:54- Robb and Christina have high praise for the Chattanooga, board game store, Game On.

8:34- Jeremy reviews the take that game, Pirate Den by Crash Games and memorializes the first time his girlfriend was the first person on the boxtop of a game. (Note: this is a title that funded on kickstarter but apparently ran into some trouble, post funding. Crash Games is to be commended for taking over fulfillment on this project. No word yet on broader distribution.)


11:26- Jeremy discusses his disappointment with Star Trek: Five Year Mission by Mayfair Games.


13:37- Jeremy recounts being very pleasantly surprised with the game play of Legion Supplies tower defense game, Foretold: Rise of a God.


18:01- Robb and Christina review the take-that game, Lifeboats. (Note: this is an older game that was last reprinted by Z-Man Games in 2006. Quantities may be limited.)


20:36- Robb and Christina discuss their disappointment in a game designed by one of Christina’s “main mens” Uwe Rosenberg, Hengist by Mayfair Games.


24:30- Robb, Christina, and Jeremy discuss the social deduction game, Secret Hitler.

29:30- Robb reviews the co-op children’s game, Orchard by HABA Games. (Also known as, The Little Orchard.)


31:40- Robb raves about HABA Game’s dexterity game, Pharaoh’s Gulo Gulo.


33:52- Patrick discuss another children’s dexterity game that dominated his holiday play, Wonky by USAopoly.


36:28- Patrick talks about the innovative experience of playing Time Stories by Asmodee and Space Cowboys with his family.


41:45- Patrick gushes over what may be one of the best expansions he has every player, the German Railroads expansion to Russian Railroads by Z-Man Games.


45:06- Christina discusses the dice rolling set collection game now backing on kickstarter, Dice Bazaar.

47:31- Patrick notes that Board Game Arena has been re-designed for optimized use on mobile devices. (click here to discuss your thoughts on the implementation).

48:43- Patrick discuss the unique meta-game experience upcoming in March of 2016 from AEG, Pretense.


Blue Peg, Pink Peg Review

Bumper Music- Did You Learn by Jen Kearney & The Lost Onion.

57:30- Patrick provides a rules breakdown for Tail Feather by Plaid Hat Games.


Bumper Music- Shake Ya Tail Feather as performed by The Cheetah Girls.

1:02:40- All of the Pegs review Tail Feathers.

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Re-Roll

Bumper Music- Wait for It as performed Leslie Odom, Jr., written by Lin-Manual Miranda.

1:31:04- All of the Pegs re-visit the card games, Chimera (steady) and Diamonds (downgrade).

Blue Peg, Pink Peg Discussion

Bumper Music- Happy New Year by Abba.

1:35:20- All of the Pegs re-visit their gaming resolutions and predictions for 2015 and set new ones for 2016.

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